Sunday, September 28

Using up my favorite Scrap Supplies

Many of my scrapbook "pre orders" arrived this week and it was just like Christmas morning!However, I've decided that I'm not to use them just yet...I must use up some of the "favs" kicking around my scrapbench. Do you hoard your favorite items? I certainly do....and often, I don't like to cut into anything unless I have a second one on hand LOL (paper mostly, although I do have three sets of the Feathered Friends eye candy stickers by Glitz Design)

Here is a Layout and Mini Album, made with some of my favorite Scrapbook lines:

Until next time,

Thursday, September 25

Poppies and Butterflies

After much thought, and a canvas whitewash....I finally realized that Auntie B's poppies weren't going to happen the way I wanted to with acrylic paints. I began with a fresh 22x38 canvas, and decided to try something else I've never done before...dry brush painting. I tend to have quite a heavy hand when I'm painting, so I thought perhaps a soft focus would do the trick. Here are the results:

I'm quite pleased with's hoping Auntie B and hubby like it ;)

I was up quite late last night scrapping this favorite pic of mine (courtesy of WN)....The photo was taken at my sister's wedding in 2006, I remember the exact moment and how I felt... he still gives me butterflies.

I purchase the new Fancy Pants collections last week and I'm hoping to get some scrapping done with the Daily Grind collection.

Cheers for now


Quick Scrappy Post

Got my hand full of glue and ink the other night, loved every minute of it!

Here another Layout of my nephew, the sweetest little boy:


I've discovered my scrap style I think....I love products, love to load up all the yummy stuff until I can't fit anymore LOL My layouts are usually layered and heavy, although I admire the simple designs out there, its just not me. I've never been subtle.

Friday, September 12

Art and Life

The other night, I was impatient (shocking, I know) and went ahead with the second layer on Auntie B's painting. I botched it and haven't had the heart to pick it up again to salvage it until tonight. I'm trying to work through the process, because as they always say, its all about the journey.

As someone who is at times referred to as a control freak (again with the shocking revelation), it's difficult for me to surrender to this organic process. After some thought, I've decided to continue with what I originally intended to do: layer upon layer and hope it turns into something that isn't a disgusting blog on the wall.

As in life, the creative process doesn't always work out as planned or intended. However, you discover that more often than not, the most treasure pieces, the more accurate representation of yourself, are the works that were unintentional.

***Just in case I'm wrong though, I bought a new tube of white paint tonight ;)

Here are a few of the project I worked on this week:

- Here is a kit from Creative Scrappers, Morning Glory August. Papers and diecuts are from My Mind's Eye

I cut into my Pink Paislee Pop Fashion and Vintage Moon collections last night, here is a layout of my Mom.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 9

The Evolution of Eddie

Here's a painting I've been working on all week for my friend Kristine. I'm still tweaking it a bit here and there, but I'll do that until I actually give it to her at the end of this week.

Here's a little glimpse of a painting I began tonight for Auntie B... I've decided to try my hand at layering acrylics. The Canvas is 24x30, so this method is very forgiving at this size. I'll try a different layer every night this week and lets see what happens! I had lots of fun with it tonight, just put the canvas on the floor and added paint directly on the canvas as I needed it (not using an actual palette for mixing). Again, something new for me, and I'm curious to see what it develops into by Friday.

Have a good night peeps

Sunday, September 7

Quick Scrappy Post

Here is another layout I finished during my vacation a few weeks ago. This is one of my favorite Dave photos...It was taken at the Tower of London during our trip in 2007.

I love this line of paper from Cosmos Cricket called Hello Sunshine, the colors are so bright and happy, without being feminine. The cardstock is by Coredinations which I enjoy using (they are meant to be torn and sanded, but I left it as is for this layout).

I had a wonderful scrappy evening with Kristine last night, she finished her new Weight Loss Journal Kit, available here. What a beautiful kit, I'll be signing up for this one for sure! I worked on the Creative Scrappers September kit, and I should be finished tonight...just a bit of sanding and inking left to do :)

Until tomorrow,


Saturday, September 6


I think I may have figured out a way to take photos of my jewelry, let me know what you all think :) The background isn't quite as *white* as I would like, and it seems like I may have to set up my tripod and keep everything (flash, distance, angle) consistant....but its a significant improvement to previous attempts.

I've been contemplating for some time now about creating an ETSY account to facilate selling my jewelry and other handmade goodies, but I'll have to look into the cost of shipping before I take that route.

But this is one step closer!

Thursday, September 4

I meant to take some photos of my recent layouts after work today, but it being Thursday and all....I got too excited and rushed over to my LSS to pick up an order I placed this week. They're only open during certain times on certain days, so its always a thrill for the shopaholic/collector in me!

I picked up lots of goodies from Creative Cafe , BoBunny, RoseMoka, Pink Paislee, Daisy Bucket etc. Many of these papers I already have though... I've noticed that if I only have one sheet of a certain paper I'm hesitant to actually cut it up and use it in a layout! Are other scrappers the same way? I've only been scrapbooking for about 6 months, so I'm attributing this neurosis to the green factor. I have to constantly remind myself that there will always be new and beautiful scrap products out there for me to buy LOL

Here's a layout of my sister I completed a couple of weeks ago while on vacation. Products used: Fancy Pants chipboard flowers, AC Thickers in eggnog, Creative Cafe Button and felt embellisments, Hambly Studios Overlayand lots of acrylic paint and Stickles!

Wednesday, September 3

My New Hot Pink Chair!

I'm just in love with this chair! I bought it today at one of my favorite stores Spurs. I had been eyeing it for months, and every so often on my lunch I'd go in the store to visit the girls and sit in *my chair*. Well, this afternoon, they tracked down my phone number at work to call me and let me know it was on sale! Isn't that phenomenal Customer Service?!?

On another note, I wanted to thank Kristine for creating my new banner. I absolutely love it!!! I sent her photos of a few of my paintings and she worked some of her computer guru magic!

I'm hoping to have some scrappy goodness to post for tomorrow, until then...

Introducing Gabriel

I had to share this little photo I took of Gabriel this evening....such a quirky little cat! He just sits there, behind the curtain....I had time to go downstairs, get the camera, go back upstairs, and he still hadn't moved LOL

I've caught him hanging behind the curtain before, not quite sure what the appeal is, but it makes me giggle

Tuesday, September 2

A Blank Canvas

Tonight, I have two blank canvas' to contend that is actually on the easel, and the other on my computer monitor. At times, I find its just better to get some paint on the canvas, even when I don't know where to begin...things tend to work itself out in the long run.