Sunday, November 9

Where Gabe and Seymour Announce the Cupcake Winners and Steph has a Cast for one Night!

What a weekend! After falling down a couple of stairs Thursday night (stupid shoes, stupid rain, stupid me) and literally crawling from my car to the front door...I woke up Friday morning and my ankle was huge, sore and starting to turn purple... It wasn't improving and by Friday night, so my awesome friend Auntie B insisted on taking me to the hospital (she's bossier than I, so she won). After 3 hours and a few xrays, they weren't sure if it was cracked or not, so they put a slab (fibreglass cast) on my leg and the radiologist was calling me in the morning.

After Auntie B dropped me off, I still had a few hours before Dave was scheduled to arrive from Halifax, and I was crawling around my house again! I didn't want to hop on one foot, because that would have scared the tarnation out of the cats, and well, we can't have that now can we?

When the radiologist called Saturday morning and was able to confirm that I DIDN'T crack my ankle, and I could take the cast off.....I couldn't get to the scissors fast enough! The idea that I may have to wear that for WEEKS literally made me ill to my stomach. How was I going to get laundry done? Put the garbage out? Carry things upstairs or downstairs? Shower? Wow, really puts things into perspective for someone like me who hates asking for help ;)

So now, Sunday night, I'm walking with a cane (a really pretty one with butterflies on it lol)... and I imagine I'll be on my feet in no time!

Now onto the FUN stuff! We have TWO winners for the Cupcake contest...(Gabe asked that I mention all cat toy thank yous can be sent to my address)

Congrats to Norah and MelW! Please email me your addys and I'll mail them to you asap!

Have a great week everyone,


Kristine Davidson November 9, 2008 at 11:57 PM  

hahahah to the cats! too funny!!!

SOOOO glad you are feeling better sweets! What a scare!

Captain Scrappy November 10, 2008 at 7:49 PM  

hope you're back on both feet soon!

Norah November 11, 2008 at 12:43 AM  

Those are definately VERY smart Kitties you have there!!! Tell them I said,"Thank You very much!!!!" Those were the ones I ordered for a friend and had forgotten to order for myself!!!!!!" I think Gabe reads minds!!! LOL!!