Saturday, December 13

12 days until Christmas....

and I'm still working on my gifts! Why oh why do I always wait until the last minute? I'm about Half way done my shopping and gift making, and then on to the dreaded wrapping. Have any of you attempted to wrap gifts with 5 cats in the house? I usually end up shutting myself up in the spare bedroom, otherwise Seymour will start to eat the paper and Gabe and Bronte will want to sleep on top of it! Pure Chaos!!

If you're reading this, that means you've found me without any difficulties! Yay! I thought it would be best to create a separate *personal* blog, with my day to day scrapbooking related postings and layout photos...and keep the Whimsy Blog dedicated to the goings on with the shop, especially for the new year when I announce my mini design team! Huge shout out to Kristine for creating this AMAZING blog....she has such an eye for this blog decorating! Thank You!!!

Saving my big news for last.....
I've been chosen to be on the Creative Scrappers Design Team!!!! Wahooooo!!! I'm honored, thrilled and a little bit terrified, all at the same time. I'm in the company of some VERY creative Scrappers!!!! I can't wait until our first assignment in the new year!



TessaAnnWatte December 13, 2008 at 5:35 PM  

Merry Christmas Stephanie.
Your buttons are cute!
Best wishes with your shop :)
Tessa Ann