Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Folks!!!

My apologies for the construction....Kristine is in the middle of giving my blog an update (yipppeeee!) I can't wait to see what she comes up with, her blogs are the BEST!

Thought I'd post my Creative Scrappers reveal from last weekend, sketch #84

A bit of OA & Sassafras papers, BG Felt and of course MLBOW Lady bug pin and mushroom ;)

Here's another layout I worked on last week....I haven't been scrappin' lately, just trying to update the Whimsy shop it seems! However....Dave redid my scrappy space yesterday and I'm LOVING it!!!! I now have room to set up my sewing machine, Cricut, desktop, netbook, you name it and its within reach now! Yipeee! Dave is so dreamy....*sigh* (tee hee, I know...gag me, but its true!)

How cute is Rohan?!? His giggle is the most adorable thing ever....

KI Blooms papers, MLBOW Owl pin, AC Thickers, MM transparent flowers and lots and lots of stickles!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!!



ps I almost forgot!!! The Thickers giveaway! Since there were only three comments, I will send everyone a package of AC Puffy Umbrella Thickers! Michelle, Kat and Em! Yay! I'll have them in the mail on Tuesday ((hugs))

Tuesday, December 15

Creative Scrappers Reveal #82

Where has December gone?!? Its just flying by, and soon enough Christmas will be here! I haven't had much time to scrapbook lately, however I have had time to Scrappy Shop! I picked up my LCOM order Sunday night and Heather had to give me a box for fear that the bag would break! tee hee

So many goodies, from Glimmer Mist (yellow and Green), Sassafras, Basic Grey cupcake kit (too cute!), Glimmer screens, MME, and the biggest stack of Thickers I've ever ordered! I fell in love with the foam Daydream font...and since my other fav Eggnog font has been discontinued, I decided to stock up on this one! hahahahaha Hoard much?!? :P

****now have to make room for all of these perhaps a give-away is in order? Leave a comment on this posting with your fav product that you just can't get enough of and I'll send you a package of Umbrella puffy thickers (Grapefruit).

Now for my Creative Scrappers reveal.....Sketch 82
I struggled with this one a bit, so basic, but oh so difficult for me not to load it up with embellies! hehe

Drop on by to Kristine's blog and get inspired!



Tuesday, December 1

Creative Scrappers Reveal!

Hi folks!
Here is my take on Creative Scrappers Sketch 80 This was so much fun with all the Sassafras Monstrosity papers!!! Oh, how I love my Sassafras!!!

Its Dave and mine's one month (living together) anniversary today! Its hard to believe its been a whole month since I moved here! We are sooooo happy!!! I know, I know, gag me....but seriously, I was getting ready to leave work tonight and meet up with my honey and I was just thinking to myself, "wow, I'm really happy!"

We've had a few bumps in the road with my hooligans causing some trouble with Dave's nice kitties...but I think the rough patch is over (crossing fingers and toes!)

Until next time!



Tuesday, November 24


Quick post tonight with a couple of layouts :)

Oh how I miss my lightbox! Pardon the icky photos....I took these quickly this morning before I left to work catching the little light we had as it is DARK now when I get home from work! Yikes!
ta - ta for now



Saturday, November 21

Not much scrapping done these days as I've been sick with "a" flu (not THE flu...I don't think anyway!) Feeling much better now though, so I'm going to enjoy my Saturday with Dave and the boys :)

Its so nice not to travel every weekend!!! Wow! Dave and I just lazed about watching tv (I was making Christmas Pins) and relaxed! What a concept...Friday nights for the last 4 years have been non-stop travel between NB-NS and I'm just thrilled to do NOTHING! hahahaha

Here's a page I worked on the other night...I've been hoarding these cute BoBunny papers for some time now!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm really trying to use up my stash! I'm even trying to not order any new supplies for awhile....Its been a week, I'm not sure I'm going to last! Ack! Dave even mentioned today that one of the boys is going to a Birthday party near the LSS and asked if I wanted to go shopping while we wait for him! LOL (He's the bestest boyfriend ever!)



Sunday, November 15

Creative Scrappers Reveal and a few more Layouts

Hi Folks!
Here's another layout I did for this weeks Creative Scrappers reveal, I created this a few weeks ago in between packing boxes and moving here to Nova Scotia! I wanted to ensure that it was in on time etc, and as soon as I took the photo and emailed it to Kristine I packed it away! Forgotten until today LOL You should really check out the weekly Sunday reveals, great sketches and awesome DT inspiration!

Here is my take on the CC sketch using WeR Memories Nonsense collection

Here are a few more layouts I made this past week now that my scrappy space is sorted and mostly unpacked! I dug out a collection I've been hoarding for ages!!! Pink Paislee's Enchanting, Fascinating, Captivating and Fetching! I figured I better use up the PP stash I have before I buy their new Winter collections that I've preordered LOL

And of course, no scrappy session is complete without a dabble into my Sassafras Collection! Here is a sampling of their Marmalade Collection.... I love their products!!!

I mixed things up here.....a bit of Jillybean Soup, Sassafras and Prima!

Here are the Pink Paislee layouts....

And a left over Cosmo Cricket Earth Love that I forgot to photograph last week! tee hee

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, November 11

Cosmo Cricket - Earth Love

Here are a few layouts using Cosmo Cricket's Earth Love Collection....this is a FAB paper kit!

Now that my scrap space is somewhat organized at Dave's, I'm hoping that I'll have regular scrapping and Whimsy time as before :) It's funny how you don't realize how much STUFF you have until you have to move it! I've discovered that I'm a paper junkie....and I think I may have to go on a paper purchasing hiatus for a bit! LOL yeah, let's see how long that last.....maybe a week or two! tee hee

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, November 6

knock on Wood....

I've been saying this all week.....Knock on Wood! I don't want to jinx things too much, but I'm happy to report that the cats are getting along quite nicely at Dave's! We were a bit worried with my 5 hooligans....and Dave's 2 critters, but all is well so far!

The move went quite smoothly, all that is left now is the big tickets items once I've sold the house...which is being listed today :)

I took videos of the actual trip with 4 cats in the car for the 4hour drive (friends had the 5th in their car for the trip) I should have at least one of them uploaded onto YouTube this can witness the 4hour serenade! LOL

Hard to believe that I was able to get some scrappy time in the middle of all of this, but I did!!! Here is the Creative Scrappers layout for Sunday's reveal Sketch 76 :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, October 31

Hi Folks!

12hrs to go before the cats and I hit the road!!! So excited and nervous! Excited to see Dave, but nervous for the cats....they hate the car and its a 4hour drive *sigh*.....I'm sure they will be howling for the entire drive! LOL

I've finished only two layouts lately, and both are for the Creative Scrappers Reveals on November 1st and 15th! Mmmmmmm....I *may* be able to give you a little sneak, but don't tell Kristine! LOL

So all of my scrappy supplies and button shop supplies are packed up, I'm just finishing a few odds and ends here at the house.....and I'm exhausted!!! Dave and I have been sorting, recycling, selling, giving away all of our belongings for a couple of months now to make room for the merge! Wow! You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to lug it 4hours away LOL

I have to admit though, the organizer in me is SUPER excited to get my hands on my scrappy space and sort through my stash!!! Dave thinks I'm a bit weird, but loves me anyway thank goodness! tee hee

My next post will be from Lower exciting is that?!?



Monday, October 19

Creative Scrappers DT!!!!

Yipeeeee!!!! I have some wonderful scrappy news to share! I've been selected to be on the Creative Scrappers Winter DT! I just love Kristine's fabulous site and I'm so proud to be part of an amazing group of scrappers :) Stay tuned every other Sunday for the reveals! I can't wait to receive my first sketch to work with!

On Thanksgiving Monday I had a bit of an accident on my way back from Halifax (I'm fine) and thankfully everything is covered by insurance....but the stress of it all! My brand new car has had a rough first 6 months! The accident was JUST what I needed right now (enter sarcasm voice here).....its not like I'm in the middle of moving to Halifax or anything! LOL

Things have been a bit crazy, so no scrappyness to share today :( I haven't had the chance to scrap since a couple of Fridays ago with Kristine! There is just so much to do before moving that I can't justify spending the time just yet.... I'm hoping to put aside a couple of hours one night this week and get a few layouts that have been swirling in my head lately!

I'll be so happy once the move is done, and we can finally relax a bit and ENJOY each other's company! Lately its all about planning, negotiating, cleaning, recycling,! I just keep thinking about the endstate: being with Dave. I can't wait :)


Sunday, October 11

The Booginator

Friday night was spent with the super talented Kristine, I just love our Scrap n' Chat nights! We decided to work on the same thing...She had just received the November issue of Histoires de page and in it is an awesome layout ( page 10 ) created by one of our scrappy favorites Elodie Touzet.

Here is my take on it: "The Booginator".... I wanted to document the evolution of Seymour's name... of all of my cats, his name has really changed from when I first adopted him 12years ago LOL
You can check out Kristine's take on the layout Here
Have a happy turkey weekend!

Sunday, October 4

My Glimmer Mist Lessons Learned

Hi Folks,

I mentioned in a previous post about a layout I was working on and I had a bit of a Glimmer Mist accident...well, here is the layout:

Although, I have to admit....after having it hanging on my wall for a few weeks, I kinda like the Glimmer Mist Sprays now! At first, I felt is was too much, too obvious etc...but I like it now :)

I did learn a few things:

- Glimmer Mists is wonderful when using Riff Raff embellies, you don't lose any of the laser cut details you would if you painted with acrylics etc.

- Spritz your work BEFORE adding your photo! (you can't really see in this photo, but Dave and I are all spotted tee hee!)

- Spritz your work BEFORE using a transparency otherwise you will see an obvious outline

- Its better to begin at a distance and work your way into the page if you only want a light spritz....otherwise you will get blotches like I did above.

All in all, I really enjoy using the sprays, however they do take a bit of practice etc. I used them to fancy up some white Prima flowers last week and it was so much fun! Just love the shimmer they add, so subtle but effective :)

Here is a layout I was working on last weekend, practicing my doodling....Sassafras Me Likey Collection



Monday, September 28

Eiffel Tower Video!

Hi Folks,
I don't have any scrappy stuff to share tonight, so I thought I'd share my first of many (hopefully) videos! Since Dave wasn't able to join me, I decided to take a few videos for him :)

Tuesday, September 22

My Mind's Eye

Here are a couple of layouts I created among the chaos of my scrap space is really the only part of the house that isn't pulled apart and unorganized (yet! I plan to paint the basement later this week....yikes!) Its all worth it though...I left Halifax after supper yesterday and I already miss Dave like crazy....I'm really looking forward to seeing him everyday!

I used My Mind's Eye papers...they are so thick and full of fun distressing them as I did with Evan's layout here. These are from an older line, but love them just the same! I visited the LSS on Saturday with my cousin and I picked up a couple of sheets of their new stuff....too cute! I can't wait to use the dino with a layout of Rohan :)
I also picked up my bag of goodies from LCOM tonight and I can't wait to make my Christmas cards this year with the Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses papers, they are just adorable :)
Off to package a few more button orders for tomorrow morning's mailing!
Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, September 17

Rose Moka and an Autumn Layout

The painters arrived at the house on Wednesday...and most of my house is now boring beige. *sigh* Since everything is absolute chaos upstairs (they will be finished tomorrow), I retreated to my purple scrappy space and pulled my beloved Rose Moka papers in remembrance of my lime green and hot pink rooms LOL

Here are the Whimsy buttons I added to the layout...close ups to you can all see the new "thin" buttons, much more scrappy friendly than the older styles!

Here is another layout I completed last week in Halifax...Love this photo of my mom and me, circa 1978-79 I'm not sure if I was 2 or 3 years old here :) I it phenomenal that my Dad was such an avid photographer growing up, we have so many fun family photos!

A close up of the Whimsy Pins I used on the layout....a few different sized leaves

This weekend is another "on the road again" for to Cap-Pelé to visit my family down from the UK Friday night, then off to Halifax at the crack of dawn on Saturday to help Dave pull up carpet in preparation of the flooring people arriving Monday morning! Pheww...I tired just thinking about it! tee hee
ta ta for now!

Saturday, September 12

Halifax Mojo!

I spent last weekend with Dave and the boys in Halifax...and as some of you know, I love scrapping among the chaos! tee hee I'm not sure if its the limited supplied, scrapping at the kitchen table and socializing or the fact that there are no "house chores" to distract me at Dave's...but I always seem to get a few layouts done in just one day!

I still haven't finished the "glimmer Mist" accident LO from last week...Hoping to work on it tonight :)

Some of you wanted to see photos from our trips to London/Paris and New York...I'll see if I can get some posted in the next few days...I haven't even printed our NY photos for scrapping yet! With my move to Halifax in less than 2 months, work and the Whimsy shop being busier than ever, I just seem to run out of day all week long LOL

Thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, September 4

Sassafras Surprise!

A few weeks ago, my fav scrappy paper company was having a warehouse sale...and normally, I don't even give these a second thought because shipping is usually sooooo expensive to Canada...but c'mon! It was Sassafras! I HAD to order the large box of goodies.....tee hee

It was perfect...considering the amount of stash I already have, there were few duplicates! Especially the acrylic stamps, they sent me all of the ones I don't already have! Yay!

Forgive me for the terrible photo....I didn't have time to take these outside to photograph and there was too much stuff to fit into my light box!

No scrappy layouts to show today...working on one, but I had a Glimmer Mist "mishap" yesterday... and I have to change a few things on the layout now. LOL I'm determined to get the hang of that stuff....I think its such a fun product and it adds so much sparkle to a layout! I just seem to be heavy handed with it...if any of you have suggestions, recommendations etc. please post below!

I'm off to Halifax to visit Dave and the boys tomorrow morning...I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

Wednesday, August 26

A few new Layouts and some Felties!!!

On Saturday night I scrapped a bit with my friend Kristine, and she introduced me to these awesome French sketches! I'm a big fan of Histoires de Pages, and so these really appealed to me! Here is one of the sketches...lots of white space, which normally drives me batty....but I managed to leave it alone this time! LOL This is my awesome friend Nat and her family.... she often calls Felix her "little Dude" tee hee Isn't he scrumptious??? Look at that blond curly hair! So adorable!

Here is one that is near and dear to my heart...the documentation of the last 3+ years for Dave and I...we've been on the road since April 2006, driving back and fourth every weekend between Saint John, NB and Halifax, NS...for those non-locals, that's a 4hour drive :)

We've grown accustomed to the travel time...I often work all day on Friday, get home, feed the cats and I'm on the road by 6pm...arriving at Dave's just before midnight (I often visit my sister who lives at the halfway mark for a pee break! haha!) With the help of cat sitters, fast food, audio books, iPods and netbooks and Blackberries we've made it work...but the time has come for me to move to Halifax :) Yay!!!! So I thought it would be a good idea to do the math and see what the stats are for us...when October Afternoon's RoadBlock collection arrived in the mail, I knew it would be perfect for this layout :)

And here is my super cute nephew Rohan....I can't believe how fast he's growing and how darn CUTE he is!!! Way too smart for his own good....he's giving his parents a good run of it! tee hee

Dave and I took the boys and my parents to New York city a couple of weeks ago...we drove all the way to New Jersey! Yikes! It took a day and a half there and back in the car....and as many of you know, I don't like sitting idle....but I wanted to be able to spend some time with Dave, so I picked up some felt and brought along some of my Whimsy buttons along with my silk threads from my cross stitch stash! These are the things I've made...I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, many are just way to big to add to a layout..but they were super fun to make :)

Until next time!

Friday, August 21


The Whimsy shop has been keeping me busy lately, thank goodness, because I seem to have lost my scrappy mojo! I scrapped two layouts last night for the first time in AGES! Hopefully I'll have a chance to upload photos this weekend....In the meantime, I just realized I completely forgot to post my Creative Scrappers Reveal Sketch #62 and a mini album I created for my fav 2009 Grad Honor Student (Congrats Em!!!)