Thursday, July 16

A House of Color...

People often comment on the bold colors I use in my scrapbooking, and so I thought I would share a glimpse into my living you can see the trend LOL

I'm feeling a bit sentimental about my little townhouse, now that the plan is in place to move to Halifax (yay!) It has been my sanctuary, my little house of color since 2005.

I'm absolutely giddy with anticipation and excitement to move and be with my Sweetie full time...but I just had to take some photos of "Candyland" (as my brother in law calls it!) for future scrapbook layouts....what'dya think, White Cardstock and a few flowers should do the trick eh? LOL

Here is my basement scrap space, just around that corner on the right is my computer space

My soft lilac bedroom that is soooo relaxing....

I had to use the flash here, so the lime isn't "Quite" that zingy...but its not far off...notice the Buffy and Spike Statues...I'm like a 13year old with a paycheck hahaha

Sofa covers=5 cats...nuff said

FYI, I never eat at the table.....but Brontë and Seymour put it to good use!

So there you have it.....Now my scrapbook pages make a bit more sense to those who don't know me tee hee

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tara July 17, 2009 at 12:08 AM  

I am a sucker for color and I love your house. So fresh and funky!!