Saturday, October 31

Hi Folks!

12hrs to go before the cats and I hit the road!!! So excited and nervous! Excited to see Dave, but nervous for the cats....they hate the car and its a 4hour drive *sigh*.....I'm sure they will be howling for the entire drive! LOL

I've finished only two layouts lately, and both are for the Creative Scrappers Reveals on November 1st and 15th! Mmmmmmm....I *may* be able to give you a little sneak, but don't tell Kristine! LOL

So all of my scrappy supplies and button shop supplies are packed up, I'm just finishing a few odds and ends here at the house.....and I'm exhausted!!! Dave and I have been sorting, recycling, selling, giving away all of our belongings for a couple of months now to make room for the merge! Wow! You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to lug it 4hours away LOL

I have to admit though, the organizer in me is SUPER excited to get my hands on my scrappy space and sort through my stash!!! Dave thinks I'm a bit weird, but loves me anyway thank goodness! tee hee

My next post will be from Lower exciting is that?!?



Monday, October 19

Creative Scrappers DT!!!!

Yipeeeee!!!! I have some wonderful scrappy news to share! I've been selected to be on the Creative Scrappers Winter DT! I just love Kristine's fabulous site and I'm so proud to be part of an amazing group of scrappers :) Stay tuned every other Sunday for the reveals! I can't wait to receive my first sketch to work with!

On Thanksgiving Monday I had a bit of an accident on my way back from Halifax (I'm fine) and thankfully everything is covered by insurance....but the stress of it all! My brand new car has had a rough first 6 months! The accident was JUST what I needed right now (enter sarcasm voice here).....its not like I'm in the middle of moving to Halifax or anything! LOL

Things have been a bit crazy, so no scrappyness to share today :( I haven't had the chance to scrap since a couple of Fridays ago with Kristine! There is just so much to do before moving that I can't justify spending the time just yet.... I'm hoping to put aside a couple of hours one night this week and get a few layouts that have been swirling in my head lately!

I'll be so happy once the move is done, and we can finally relax a bit and ENJOY each other's company! Lately its all about planning, negotiating, cleaning, recycling,! I just keep thinking about the endstate: being with Dave. I can't wait :)


Sunday, October 11

The Booginator

Friday night was spent with the super talented Kristine, I just love our Scrap n' Chat nights! We decided to work on the same thing...She had just received the November issue of Histoires de page and in it is an awesome layout ( page 10 ) created by one of our scrappy favorites Elodie Touzet.

Here is my take on it: "The Booginator".... I wanted to document the evolution of Seymour's name... of all of my cats, his name has really changed from when I first adopted him 12years ago LOL
You can check out Kristine's take on the layout Here
Have a happy turkey weekend!

Sunday, October 4

My Glimmer Mist Lessons Learned

Hi Folks,

I mentioned in a previous post about a layout I was working on and I had a bit of a Glimmer Mist accident...well, here is the layout:

Although, I have to admit....after having it hanging on my wall for a few weeks, I kinda like the Glimmer Mist Sprays now! At first, I felt is was too much, too obvious etc...but I like it now :)

I did learn a few things:

- Glimmer Mists is wonderful when using Riff Raff embellies, you don't lose any of the laser cut details you would if you painted with acrylics etc.

- Spritz your work BEFORE adding your photo! (you can't really see in this photo, but Dave and I are all spotted tee hee!)

- Spritz your work BEFORE using a transparency otherwise you will see an obvious outline

- Its better to begin at a distance and work your way into the page if you only want a light spritz....otherwise you will get blotches like I did above.

All in all, I really enjoy using the sprays, however they do take a bit of practice etc. I used them to fancy up some white Prima flowers last week and it was so much fun! Just love the shimmer they add, so subtle but effective :)

Here is a layout I was working on last weekend, practicing my doodling....Sassafras Me Likey Collection