Monday, June 21

Cap-Pele Weekend

***Warning, photoheavy post!***

A few of you have wondered about Cap-Pelé, so I thought I'd post a little weekend snippit :)

My parents retired here a few years back, a lovely place that is so peaceful and relaxing. Located on the coast of New Brunswick (Northumberland Straight) we can see the province of PEI from our beach. (here is a map for non-locals)

Dave, Evan and I arrived in Cap-Pelé early Saturday evening...but that didn't stop us from getting some beach time in!

(my point and shoot camera really doesn't do this sunset justice)

Rohan is definately a beach boy...I anticipate that my sister will be all the time as Rohan constantly wants to "Go to Beeeeeech"!

Here is there lovely place... such a beautiful spot! The weather on Sunday was just was 30C and didn't start raining until we were packing the car up to leave :)

Friel Beach, private beach just up from the popular Sandy Beach

Here's my mom with our cutie-pie...if we don't carry him, he'll run right back to the beach!
Its been a long day, Rohan follows Evan around the entire time we he deserves a little nap on the way home (2½ hour drive)

My reading material for the car trip....and look what I found! I was so pleased, one of my bird pins was in a layout for the French Mag "Histoire de Pages" VERY cool!!!!

If you've made it this far, thanks for visiting!


Kristine June 21, 2010 at 8:07 PM  

what great pictures Stephie... such a peaceful place.. beautiful!
your mom looks so young.. ;-)

i just got a new wallet from Espe! I love it ..