Tuesday, October 26

I've said it before....

and I'll say it again, this lady ROCKS!  Jen Gray's video really hit home, as most of her posts do...

She's one of those people that can say SO MUCH, be true to herself and honest with others....and at the same time be so kind and have everyone's best interest at heart.  Love her.

Monday, October 25

Creative Scrappers Sketch 127

Hi folks,

Here's my take on the latest Creative Scrappers Sketch!  Loved this one...who am I kidding, I say that every time hehe

Used some of my stash of "My Little Shoe Box" papers, some Sass flowers and MLBOW ladybug pin.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 17

Sunday Night...Oh what a weekend!

Wow! I can't believe its Sunday already! A bit of a whirlwind of a weekend! We had Dave's 25th Year Anniversary with the company Friday night, what a blast! Computer ordering (for me!) and art supply shopping downtown on Saturday afternoon after we checked out of the hotel (yup, they go all out for this milestone).

And this afternoon Dave and I went to see the musical Spamalot, it was wonderful! After the play we went for a nice Sunday drive to Saint Margarets Bay for some Cricut supplies...it just happens to be one of the most beautiful places around here, the fact that I can shop for scrappy supplies is a bonus tee hee

Here are a few things I've been working on all week, I just haven't had time to upload them :)

Monday, October 11

A few things I've been working on...

Hi Folks!
Just a few things I've been working on this past week or so, I just haven't had the opportunity to update my blog :)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Dave and I had a lovely dinner this afternoon, festivities remain low-key as I'm on call this week and have to be available on a moment's notice to work 24/7. Yes, I'm already wishing my week to be over and it hasn't even begun! LOL

Here's something I worked on today, love love love this paper collection by Sassafras, Mix and Mend designed by one of my favorite scrappers Michelle Clement! Tanya (from LCOM) ordered the entire release in triplicate for me...and held it hostage for a few days I might add, taunting me with photos...see below! She is hilarious!

The running joke is that until shipment to me, Tanya takes very good care of my Sass...LOL

Here's my latest Creative Scrappers layout, Sketch 125!  Wow, can't believe its been 125 sketches already!  What a milestone, congrats to Kristine for making is so fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully it won't be too crazy this week and I'll have more time to blog and scrap :)

Hope you are all well

Tuesday, October 5

Rohan's Birthday Song!

How cute is this??? My little nephew Rohan loves Birthdays as much as I do...here he is singing me a message (he's almost three), melt my heart...I love him so much!

I hope this works! I uploaded it as a Video, although its just a voicemail...

Edited to add: Here's a direct link to the VM, the one I uploaded via Blogger cut off at the end

Monday, October 4

The night before my Birthday!

For those of you who know me....I love birthdays!  Especially my own!  LOL  I make sure everyone knows its my bday, every year....hehe Not for gifts or anything like that, but I grew up in a household where Birthdays were very special. 

My mother always considered it a celebration of life, of your place in this beautiful world of ours, and it was never something to be ashamed or embarrassed about!  I guess that thinking has really stuck with us, even as I turn 36, I know my Mom will call me at work tomorrow morning to "sing" me happy birthday (since she's almost 3 hours away).  She doesn't just sing the first few lines either.....she sings the ENTIRE song!  So cute! 

We have a busy week ahead of us, so Dave took me out to celebrate tonight...went to the Hamachi Steakhouse downtown Halifax and it was amazing!  The entertainment itself was super fun, but the food...oh the food was so delicious.  I think I'll remember that fried rice 6 months from now, it was THAT awesome!  I can't wait till we go again :)

Here's a layout I worked on this past weekend, to reflect upon my 35th year....almost everything in this layout is Sassafras of course!
Thanks for stopping by!
Steph xo