Monday, December 20

Its a Bird! Its a Plane! No, its a Princess!

I was just looking at the last post on the blog and near fell over when I saw the date!  Oh my word, I don't think I've ever gone this long without any posts at all...and even worse, that shows you how long its been since I SCRAPPED!  No wonder I'm stressed!  LOL

Without boring you with the details of my day to day life, lets just say these past few weeks have been very challenging for me on the work front.  To the point that I would be so mentally exhausted from the day, that it would take 2 hours in front of the tv just to get myself out of the "work" zone....Suffice to say, this means there hasn't been much time for the fun stuff in life like scrapbooking and making my Whimsies :)

Its getting better though, and I did get some scrappy time this weekend to finish my layout for Creative Scrappers' reveal!

Here is one of my favorite sets of photos of us when we were kids; this was for a costume contest one summer in Victoria Park (Moncton, NB).  I just love the 80's style princess costumes and my cousins in their superheroes outfits...hilarious.  I'm going to post this photo on Facebook right now and tag them hehehe (<-evil laugh)

  Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year!