Saturday, October 15

Another year, another Birthday..

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the opportunity to scrapbook with my bestie Kristine a week ago (yay!)  I was able to finish 6 layouts...I'm not sure what it is, but we she and I get together, its like a scrappy marathon!  We both get so much done then when we scrap alone LOL

My birthday snuck up on my while I was away in Saint John...and although I was bummed not to celebrate it with Dave and the boys, Kristine more than made up for it!  She came over with birthday cupcakes and we scrapped the night away!  It was wonderful!  I managed to get this layout done that evening.  My new tradition: to scrap the past year highlights...because I don't know about you, but I'm starting to forget things as that number gets higher  LOL

When I got home from my trip, Dave and the boys had this waiting for me!  Isn't it adorable!  It was so "Whimsy-like" just loved it!!!  My boys rock!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 11

The Reason why I Scrapbook...

This past week my work brought me to Saint John, NB and I was able to scrapbook all three evenings with the lovely Kristine!  The hotel was kind enough to let me have one  of their large conference room tables all week, so we had lots of space for our scrappy supplies.  I finished 6 layouts during this time, but felt this one needed its own posting. 

Although, I've always thought of this blog as a more of a place to share my love of scrapbooking and other artsy crafty stuff, a bit of my personal life gets thrown in for good measure.  Its really difficult for it not too considering how much of ourselves we tend to put on a scrappy page :) 

If you've ever visited before, it would be obvious that I am a cat lover.....7 cats in particular have my heart at this time in my life....and this layout it about the cat that started it all over 15 years ago.

Seymour (aka: Boogie the Booganator, Boogs and Boogie Woogie) has been showing signs of his age lately.  The most recent being a serious kidney infection that put him on a 21 day antibiotic regime...and the vet asking me to read between the lines and prepare myself.  He was gentle about it, but I know how serious it is especially in combo with his hyperthyroidism.   I'm trying to stay positive, but at the same time trying to prepare myself for the inevitable.  Its a fine balance, and I try not to dwell on the negative. 

This layout helped me process my feelings with a bit of hidden journaling , capture the moment and remind myself to enjoy.  Enjoy every moment.  (and lets have hope that there will be many more!)

Thanks for letting me share

Monday, October 10

Mixed Media update.....

This is just for documentation....I wanted to have a better photo of each of my mixed media canvas' and we've been fortunate enough to have BEAUTIFUL summer weather this Thanksgiving weekend!

Will have a scrappy post later today :)

Sunday, October 2

Not a 24x30...

But still another mixed media canvas! (10x10)

A few nigh time houses...I just love this cool star stencil I bought at Deserres....its a lot thicker than the scrappin' ones I have, so you can really pile the modeling paste inside!

Thanks for taking a look! 

ps yes, the two super larger canvas' are still in their packaging...I'm working up to them!  LOL

Saturday, October 1

.... a new creative fear

I've been working on a new 6x12 mixed media canvas this weekend, stretching those She Art muscles...warming up to adding gesso to the two 24x30 canvas' on my shelf!

I can't seem to find any artwork for our living room that I like, and thought maybe I could do two matching paintings, but I'm so nervous to start the process!  Have you ever had this creative fear?  I think it may be because I have a goal in mind... (and I don't normally) 

So here is what I'm waiting to dry...can you spot the Sassafras paper whimsies and cards?  I'll try and get a better photo of it once the rain stops :)

Here are the other layouts I finished at the LCOM crop a couple of weeks ago! I still can't believe how many I was able to get finished...looking forward to the next one in November :)
Anyway, wish me luck!
Have a great weekend