Tuesday, December 27

A bit of Doodling...

After watching Christy's post a few weeks ago, I couldn't get it out of my head!  I HAD to give it a try!  Its not at all what I expected...not as soft as hers, but I still like it :)

All in all, it took about 3-4 hours...I began with a coat of gesso, then once it dried I used permanent pen to doodle my design.  Once that set, I then used my watercolor crayons to get the base color, with shadowing with my Pitt Pens.  I used a fixative to make sure the watercolor didn't react with my Modpodge....added a few stamps and textured!  It was so relaxing!  Dave noticed I was "in the zone" and let me be for the ENTIRE process!  (He is such a  keeper!)