Friday, November 30

Mr. Personality

This cutie patootie turned 5 this week.... I can't believe how fast he is growing!

Check out this layout of all of his faces! At this age, he does NOT want his photo taken, so I have to make things interesting like " turn toward the window and show me all of the crazy funny faces you can make!" I kept them all. Even the blurry ones!

 Love this boy with all of my heart, Happy Birthday Rohan!!!

*Creative Scrappers Sketch

Tuesday, November 20

Scrapbook Therapy

Fifteen years ago, I opened my heart to these beautiful creatures.... and I don't regret it for one second.  For ten of those years it was just me and the cats, and they were such wonderful company.  I think if not for them, I would have gone a bit crazy(ier)!  They gave me a reason to love every single day...and I am so very grateful.

Processing the loss of three beloved cats, and taking care of the two remaining seniors has made 2012 a tough one... However, I find great comfort in my here are two more layouts dedicated to Boogie and Fleur.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 16

A bit of Cosmo Cricket...

Its been some time since I dug out my Cosmo Cricket stash....and I swear, I think I fell in love all over again!  I think I will be digging through this stash of papers and embellies for the next little bit....I've been hoarding Girl Friday like there's no tomorrow!  tee hee 

What are your favorite collections?  How long do you hang onto them before finally digging in and cutting that first piece of paper in half?  Do you close your eyes, hold your breath and just go for it?  That's kinda what I did with this collection.... 2WENTY-THR3E  I love the color combo and subtle shading....the embellies were perfect too! 

Here are my two layouts so far (I still have a bit left for at least one more layout!)

I love this photo of my Gabriel.  This was taken last summer, and I had just gone downstairs for something quickly and was on my way back up and noticed my little shadow waiting for me.  He always does this, he's never far from my side...and I love it.  

Sketch by Creative Scrappers

This second layout is of my main man...of course I have to have Evie take our photo whenever we go out to eat or do something fun.  You can tell by the look on Dave's face he's not thrilled...but he puts up with it LOL  I think secretly he likes that I document the things we do...but he just won't admit it ;)

I've started something new this weekend, stamping on my layouts....I've dabbled here and there and now that my stamps are all organized with the help of Kinsey, there is no excuse!  I'm really trying to incorporate them on my layouts.

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Thursday, November 15

Stashbusting 2013 begins early!!!

OK, so I admit it.  I love new scrappy supplies.  There, I said it......but who doesn't love the smell of new paper!?!  C'mon!  I know it isn't just me :)

Well, I've been inspired by one of Melissa's posts over at The Scrappy Jedi and I'm resolved to join her in 2013!  I've purged a great deal of my stash this year, but I still have enough for 5 lifetimes of scrapbooking!  Its time to start using it up! 

Most of what I've kept after the purging are items that i know I'll use, I just havent' gotten around to it yet.  (as opposed to before the purge, hanging onto items I know I'll never use!)

So the Stashbusting began early, with a long weekend visit with my BFF Kristine!  We sat at my kitchen table for 4 days and scrapped our brains out!  It was awesome!!!

I dug out two older Studio Calico kits and almost killed them, and lots of older Cosmo Cricket stash!

This is my favorite layout of the weekend :)

The photo was taken about a week before Fleur passed away....BrontĂ« had never, EVER cuddled with another cat but Boogie.   I thought it was adorable how she let Fleur get so close to her.  At the time, I thought perhaps she needed the cuddles...but now, maybe she thought Fleur was the one who needed comfort.  Who knows....


Wednesday, November 7

Studio Calico Kit Killin'!

This past weekend was lovely and relaxing.... I had lots of scrappy time and was able to "kill" two of my Studio Calico Kits!   For those who have not heard of this term...this means that I used up an entire kit...down to scraps!!! 

We really need to come up with a nicer way to say this...but there you have it :-) 

Here are my layouts using Studio Calico Lawn Party and Elmwood Park kits


Monday, October 22


These past few weeks have taken its toll on me, and although the random tears will never completely go away at the thought of Boogie, Maggie or Fleur ....  it is getting better.  My heart just needs time to heal and it really hasn't be given any at all.

A big part of working through the loss for me is scrapbooking, it really helps me focus on the positive.  Remembering the lovely cuddles and snuggles and all of the moments they made me laugh out loud.  Those are important.

Here are a few pages I made using the new Amy Tangerine line "Ready Set Go!"  Just love all the colors and little details in the line.

Thanks for checking in

Monday, October 8

Crop and Create Layouts!

Here are the layout I made while at the Crop and Create in Ottawa last week!!  I only packed two Studio Calico kits (Central High and Summer of 69) and a few staple supplies....and even then I brought too much LOL 

I think for our trip to Saskatoon I will only bring one SC kit, trimmer and adhesive!  I'm determined to pack light this time (oh, did I mention that I had to buy a new suitcase for the return trip from Ottawa? LOL)


Sunday, October 7

Crop and Create: Ottawa!

Last weekend I was fortunate to be able to hop on a plane with my bestie Kristine and attend Crop and Create in Ottawa!  What a wonderful experience!

(Warning!  Photo heavy post!!)
Here we are on the plane, getting ready to take off!

As soon as we landed, it was reveal time at Studio Calico, so we grabbed our luggage and got on our phones to do our Add on and shop items ordering.... Here I am in the airport using my super iPhone ordering ninja skills LOL

Once we finished with our order, it was time to decide what to do first....and so it began with an Ikea trip after we checked into our hotel...honestly, we were so excited about this I'm surprised we didn't go right from the airport!  I snagged some photo frames, shower curtain, fabric, notepads and these cool table spinners for my scraproom.  It was so difficult not to buy everything we wanted.... I think I'd be broke if we had an Ikea close by!

The next day we met up with our online friend Rosa and she was kind enough to bring us to MultiCrafts!  (Scrapbook supply wholesaler)  Oh my goodness, this was a dream come true for me!!!

Once we were finished with our shopping, we jumped into Rosa's car and picked up another online friend at the airport!  Nicole Nowosad was going to stay with us the entire weekend and Kristine and I had no idea what to expect!   It turns out the Nicole, Kristine and I are more alike than we could have ever imagined... we laughed and had a blast the ENTIRE weekend! 

Here we are getting ready to go to the crop area in the hotel....  I just adore these two women!

If you ever have the chance to attend a Crop and Create in your area, you must!!!!  (or even if it isn't in your area, well worth travelling and making a weekend of it!)

These crops are the best I've ever experienced, Catherine and Jen put on an amazing weekend and the classrooms are always packed and taught by the best in the Scrapbooking business! 

Two of the classes I took was with the lovely Kelly Purkey!  I was so excited to meet her, and she was absolutely adorable!  The other class I took was with the talented and hilarious Vicki Boutin!  This class was so jam packed with techniques I didn't even have a moment to *think* about taking any photos!  Wowsers!   (I will be posting my cards and albums that I made during these classes at a later date!)

One of my most favorite thing about the Crop and Create weekends is the Photobooth photos....always a blast to goof around with the girls!

As I'm typing up this post and looking at all the photos, I have a smile on my face.... This weekend was exactly what I needed.  Thank you lovely ladies for another amazing Crop and Create!  I can't wait for Saskatoon in November!


PS  We did do some sight seeing in Ottawa, I will post those photos tomorrow!

Thursday, October 4

More Heartbreak......

Our beautiful Fleur passed away last week unexpectedly and he has left a big hole in our hearts.  When we lost Maggie so soon after Seymour earlier this year, I thought my heart couldn't take anymore....and not 6 months later to lose another on of my fur kids?  I think I'm still in shock.
RIP my beautiful boy, we will miss your awesome cuddles and nose kisses

Wednesday, October 3

Life happens....

One of my favorite quotes:
 "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon

I have a few things to share, but they deserve their own posts, so for now I will leave  you with two of my latest layouts using Studio Calico kit "Story Teller" and my Cameo (love love love this machine)

Until later

Friday, August 31

Under Construction.....

Ah yes....its that time again..... when I let Kristine run wild with my blog LOL
I love being able to give her full creative control and then "VoilĂ !"....  I have the perfect blog!  She totally gets me :)

I've given her links to a few things I like, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Until may notice a few changes and switcharoos, so don't mind the mess!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 12

Vacation Week!

This past week has gone by so fast!  Isn't that always the way when it comes to Vacation weeks?  Dave and I didn't have any plans since we are in the middle of the last bit of house I made the best of it and was able to get my scrap on!  Here are a few of the pages I made....and have I mentioned that I love the fact that these are just for me?  No deadline or product obligation...just working with what I feel like :)  Love it!! 

(Please don't misunderstand me....I love being a part of a DT, but I think its important to take time to create for yourself :)  )

Happy Summer!!

Monday, July 16

Can you spot the trends?

Arrows seem to be all the rage lately!  I cut these with my Silhouette, along with the little Awesome Bubble (all from Studio Calico)....I dug out my most favorite Studio Calico Kit ever: Metropolitan and just went for it a couple of nights ago!  I haven't scrapbooked since May and just needed to exercise that muscle....what better way to do that then with SC and Sassafras goodies!  Went a bit overboard with the trends, but like I said, it was a quick page to get me out of my slump!  (arrows, chevron, talk bubbles and cool ink splotchs)

Here is the result.  Its not mind blowing, anything spectacular, but it makes me feel good and want to get back to the scrapbook table as soon as possible :)  And check out that photo....have you ever seen such a look?  I'm so happy I captured it...Rohan really does worship Evan like a big brother, and Evie is sooooo good with him.  Adorable!

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer!
Thanks for stopping by