Sunday, January 22

Distractions in Metal Clay.....

From the Wedding Jitters that is!!!  I'm trying not to become Bride-Zilla...and I've been successful thus far!  6 days left and all the planning, arrangements and payments have been I'm left with only my excitement and butterflies!  Oh how I can't wait to marry Dave!  Not to get too sentimental, but I swear, every minute I'm with him I thank my lucky stars he came into my life <3

So, onto my crafty distraction post!  This is what I did this weekend to keep my mind occupied and the butterflies calm....I made a few simple pendants to give to my family members next weekend, and then I finally turned on my Paragon Kiln and fired them!  As many of my friends know, I have been nervous about turning it on...don't ask me why, I guess I just wanted to make sure everything was fire-proof and safe. 

So here is the digital controller ramping up!  It has to go to 1200 F and then hold there for ½ hour to properly sinter my Silver Metal Clay.

Here are my test pendants!  I even fired one with a small round CZ for a bit of sparkle...

I gained so much confidence after that firing, I couldn't wait to make a few more I was up before everyone this morning, getting my metal clay area ready...

Its so very different than working with Polymer clay.  First, there's the cost....silver has gone up significantly this past year, and then there is the drying time.  With fresh clay, I may have 5-10 min of working time (and that includes hydrating it a bit in between).  It is a real challenge, and with those two factors combined, makes me a bit nervous for now.  I know that once I'm used to the medium, I'm sure it won't be so intimidating...but for now, I make sure I have planned my design and prepare my working area in full before I crack that package open! 

Happy Sunday!
Hope you have time to make art today as well

Monday, January 2

A very Scrappy week!!

Just finishing up a lovely 10 days of vacation, back to work tomorrow!  (I'll need extra coffee in the morning, I know it!)

We had a super fun visitor for 3 days... Kristine came by to scrap and do a bit of Lush shopping!!  We have so much fun when she visits, and its so adorable to see the cats fall in love with her one by one!  She was even able to scratch Mr. Flowers on the head, and not too many people have been able to do that over the years (he was a feral cat when I took him in, so always very shy and scared of strangers). 

As always, we scrapped the week away and I was able to finish quite a number of layouts!  Here are a few of them:

Thanks for catching up!
Happy New Year!