Monday, January 2

A very Scrappy week!!

Just finishing up a lovely 10 days of vacation, back to work tomorrow!  (I'll need extra coffee in the morning, I know it!)

We had a super fun visitor for 3 days... Kristine came by to scrap and do a bit of Lush shopping!!  We have so much fun when she visits, and its so adorable to see the cats fall in love with her one by one!  She was even able to scratch Mr. Flowers on the head, and not too many people have been able to do that over the years (he was a feral cat when I took him in, so always very shy and scared of strangers). 

As always, we scrapped the week away and I was able to finish quite a number of layouts!  Here are a few of them:

Thanks for catching up!
Happy New Year!


Kathy Skou January 3, 2012 at 7:31 AM  

Love them all.. glad you girlies had fun!