Tuesday, April 3

The Joy of Friendships...

A couple of weekends ago I travelled to Moncton, NB to attend a crop hosted by my bestie Kristine.  I missed the last crop as it was during our Honeymoon vacation in Jamaica,  so I was excited to scrap with the girls again!  I'd been marking the days off on my calendar for a couple of months....and then when my Seymour (aka Boogie) was sick and then passed away, I wasn't sure if I should go.  I've been so sad, I didn't want to bring anyone else down into my funk. 
After some thought, I decided that the best thing I needed was to be around my girlfriends.  Dave drove up with me, as I still find that long periods by myself  ends up with me in tears more often than not... I keep reading its the grieving process, all the different stages etc.  I just know that I miss my Boogie Boy, and that's its ok to cry.

The crop was exactly what I needed.  We laughed so hard we all almost peed our pants, then I cried when one of the girls sang for us...one of my favorite songs about saying goodbye.  Lots of fun, lots of hugs and best of all, lots of love. 

Thank you to Kristine, Chantal, Marielle and Zoe for making me laugh so hard it hurt my belly... and the Moncton girls, Isabelle, Gisele, Aurelie, Jocelyn... you are so much fun....I look forward to seeing you at the Crop and Create!

Here are a few of the layouts I created while at the crop


Fluffy April 3, 2012 at 6:25 AM  

Fab layouts & I'm so glad you had fun at your crop! Tx