Sunday, June 10

Mixed Media, Wild Class and Cards!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday evening!
Our weekend went by too fast (as usual), but I did manage to get some mixed media time in late last night! 

I've been taking Junelle Jacobson's class via Scarlet Lime "The Art of Wild Abandonment" and I was inspired to work on  a few work in progress canvas' I had sitting in my space for months!  Yes, it was midnight when the mood struck, and yes, I'm a bit tired today....but creatively sated for the moment :)

Here is a little sneak of my parrot...he's not finished yet, but I'm really liking how he turned out so far.  Even when I don't try to do something cutsie, I just can't help myself!  Junelle is inspiring me to create what speaks to me, what I love I'm just going with it and let it happen.  (and it feels great!)

On the scrapbooking front....have you picked up your copy of the latest Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine?  I was thrilled to bits when Jackie asked me to create a few cards featuring MLBOW....then the reality of it settled in after a few moments of accepting the assignment. Oh crap.  I have to make 4 cards!  Haha!  Like many 12x12 scrapbookers, I struggle with card making.  I'm not sure why, but they never turn out how I originally envision them and so I rarely make them. 

Time to dig out my mojo-maker....Sassafras stash...and get to work!  Here are the cards I came up with, and I have to say, I'm quite pleased with them! 
Thanks Jackie and Canadian Scrapbooker for the opportunity and supporting MLBOW!!

Well, I'm off to make supper for the gang....its almost 6:30pm LOL 
Priorities askew much?