Friday, November 30

Mr. Personality

This cutie patootie turned 5 this week.... I can't believe how fast he is growing!

Check out this layout of all of his faces! At this age, he does NOT want his photo taken, so I have to make things interesting like " turn toward the window and show me all of the crazy funny faces you can make!" I kept them all. Even the blurry ones!

 Love this boy with all of my heart, Happy Birthday Rohan!!!

*Creative Scrappers Sketch

Tuesday, November 20

Scrapbook Therapy

Fifteen years ago, I opened my heart to these beautiful creatures.... and I don't regret it for one second.  For ten of those years it was just me and the cats, and they were such wonderful company.  I think if not for them, I would have gone a bit crazy(ier)!  They gave me a reason to love every single day...and I am so very grateful.

Processing the loss of three beloved cats, and taking care of the two remaining seniors has made 2012 a tough one... However, I find great comfort in my here are two more layouts dedicated to Boogie and Fleur.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 16

A bit of Cosmo Cricket...

Its been some time since I dug out my Cosmo Cricket stash....and I swear, I think I fell in love all over again!  I think I will be digging through this stash of papers and embellies for the next little bit....I've been hoarding Girl Friday like there's no tomorrow!  tee hee 

What are your favorite collections?  How long do you hang onto them before finally digging in and cutting that first piece of paper in half?  Do you close your eyes, hold your breath and just go for it?  That's kinda what I did with this collection.... 2WENTY-THR3E  I love the color combo and subtle shading....the embellies were perfect too! 

Here are my two layouts so far (I still have a bit left for at least one more layout!)

I love this photo of my Gabriel.  This was taken last summer, and I had just gone downstairs for something quickly and was on my way back up and noticed my little shadow waiting for me.  He always does this, he's never far from my side...and I love it.  

Sketch by Creative Scrappers

This second layout is of my main man...of course I have to have Evie take our photo whenever we go out to eat or do something fun.  You can tell by the look on Dave's face he's not thrilled...but he puts up with it LOL  I think secretly he likes that I document the things we do...but he just won't admit it ;)

I've started something new this weekend, stamping on my layouts....I've dabbled here and there and now that my stamps are all organized with the help of Kinsey, there is no excuse!  I'm really trying to incorporate them on my layouts.

Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, November 15

Stashbusting 2013 begins early!!!

OK, so I admit it.  I love new scrappy supplies.  There, I said it......but who doesn't love the smell of new paper!?!  C'mon!  I know it isn't just me :)

Well, I've been inspired by one of Melissa's posts over at The Scrappy Jedi and I'm resolved to join her in 2013!  I've purged a great deal of my stash this year, but I still have enough for 5 lifetimes of scrapbooking!  Its time to start using it up! 

Most of what I've kept after the purging are items that i know I'll use, I just havent' gotten around to it yet.  (as opposed to before the purge, hanging onto items I know I'll never use!)

So the Stashbusting began early, with a long weekend visit with my BFF Kristine!  We sat at my kitchen table for 4 days and scrapped our brains out!  It was awesome!!!

I dug out two older Studio Calico kits and almost killed them, and lots of older Cosmo Cricket stash!

This is my favorite layout of the weekend :)

The photo was taken about a week before Fleur passed away....Brontë had never, EVER cuddled with another cat but Boogie.   I thought it was adorable how she let Fleur get so close to her.  At the time, I thought perhaps she needed the cuddles...but now, maybe she thought Fleur was the one who needed comfort.  Who knows....


Wednesday, November 7

Studio Calico Kit Killin'!

This past weekend was lovely and relaxing.... I had lots of scrappy time and was able to "kill" two of my Studio Calico Kits!   For those who have not heard of this term...this means that I used up an entire kit...down to scraps!!! 

We really need to come up with a nicer way to say this...but there you have it :-) 

Here are my layouts using Studio Calico Lawn Party and Elmwood Park kits