Thursday, January 17

Go ahead, Make Something!

Wow! I'm loving that the mojo is flowing lately! Using up some hoarded supplies.... most of these collections have been out for a few years!  It sure feels good to cut through this paper and make something cute :)

Stashbusting 2013 is in full swing!

I miss these kitty hugs.... Fleur was such a cuddle bug, all 20pounds of him! (Maine Coon boys are notoriously huge cats).  I had taken this photo to show friends just how big he really was LOL

(He was feral as a kitten, so always shy around strangers and would hide....hence the need for photographic evidence!)

 This Beach layout was based on a Creative Scrappers Sketch
So how many older collections are you hoarding? Why not join me and USE THEM UP! I think my next box to dig through will be some older Studio Calico...Stay tuned!

Thanks for checking in!
Steph xo

Tuesday, January 15


The Stashbusting continues this week.... with an older Bella Blvd line!  When our Persian breeder sent me this photo of our new cuties, I figured I'd have to convert it to Black and White because of the purple background!  Then I dug into my paper stash and found these..... perfect match! 
Lots of freehand machine sewing here.... I'd like to say the messy stitching is intentional, but alas.... it isn't.  I'm not certain if I'm too impatient, but I just can't seem to get really clean lines.  I must learn to slow down :)
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Monday, January 14

Happy Monday!

I used to hate Mondays.  However, earlier in 2012 Dave and I joined Weight Watchers and our weekly meetings are on Monday evenings.  This completely changed my mindset about Mondays.  I now look at it not just as the beginning of work week, but the "reset" button for our WW points, and therefore a nice clean slate! 

Its strange to admit this, but I actually look forward to Mondays now!  Especially after a week of working really hard toward my weight loss goal.   Its nice to get weighed and see that number go down.  This program works for me, I just need to learn how not to get derailed when life itself goes off track a bit.  Its a learning process, and not something with a quick fix. 

Here are my latest Stashbusting 2013 layouts from last weekend!  I have been only using products that are over 1YR old and it feels great to finally use it up!  Here is more work with the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection (love love love it!)

Happy Monday,
ps can I just say I'm addicted to sewing vellum confetti pockets!  tee hee


Friday, January 11


My Stashbusting 2013 is continuing on.... Here are the layouts made with an older Fancy Pants Designs collection I've been hoarding for the cuteness: Love Birds
The last two layouts got my doodle groove on and I just couldn't help myself!  Doodles everywhere! 
I still struggle with taking photographs of my layouts in winter months...Its either too darn cold to go out and take the photos, or its dark when I leave for work and when I come home from work.  This bottom layout actually has a pure white background page, and for the life of me I couldn't adjust the levels without making the rest of the layout look strange in PhotoShop.  Grrr I hate that blue tinge to the photo!  (yup, I actually growled LOL)
This may be the year I look into building an indoor set up like Melissa Stinsons Copy Stand
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 9

Me @ 38

Every year I like to document my Birthday.... since my Birthday was in October, I'm a bit late to document it....  but the photo was taken in the fall and the journaling is spot on as to how I felt at the time.  Maybe that was why I procrastinated with this layout?  Who knows LOL 
I just love love love this Neapolitan collection by Dear Lizzy!  It really revved up my mojo this week, all I want to do is hide out in my scrap cave and work on a few more layouts.  I love it when creativity strikes! 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 8

Stashbusting January 2013

This weekend was very productive!  I was able to scrap 8 layouts and 2 cards!  This is very unusual for me unless Kristine is over for the weekend or we are at a crop somewhere.  The mojo was just flowing, and best of all, I was using up my older stash!

With all of the new products being revealed lately, I need to make room for any new things that have caught my eye  (thankfully for my wallet, only 3-4 collections have made the list so far LOL)

Here is my first layout, and I think its my favorite from the weekend...using one of my favorite collections from Dear Lizzy that I've been hoarding (seriously, I have the ENTIRE line, papers in doubles, and have never used it).  The base page is the cloud vellum layered on top of the gold chevron and then messy stitched around (messy wasn't intentional, just kinda happened and I went with it!)

The photo is my Mom and sister Sally walking through Centennial Park in Moncton, circa 1977.... I love the fact that my Dad always had a camera with him, no event was too minor.  He lives his life believing there is always a photo opportunity around the corner, exciting or everyday, its all important to him. 

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Friday, January 4

New Beginnings......

2012 Sucked.  Yup.  It just did. 
Thank goodness I had the happiness of our January wedding to balance all the suckiness that was Twenty Twelve.  I married the man of my dreams and my best friend, and I am grateful every day for him!  Because from February on, I know I wouldn't have been strong enough to go through it all on my own.  Lots of work related crap, some family drama and then the loss of my 3 beautiful cats.  There were days when it was just too much, and it was all I could do to get up in the morning. 

I'm sad when I look back at 2012, and wished that our first year of marriage could have been a lovely fairytale.  That's not how the real world works though, and now that the new year as rolled around I'm determined to stay focused and keep looking forward!

I've decided to close the Whimsy Shop for now, that was a big step.  My heart just wasn't into it anymore, and I haven't been inspired to make anything with polymer clay lately.  I'd been thinking about it for most of the year, and finally just bit the bullet and announced it in December.  I immediately felt a huge feeling or relief, so I know that it was the right thing.  I'm not certain if I will go in another direction yet or not... right now I'm just having fun being creative when the moment hit in whatever medium I feel drawn to!  I love the freedom!

Two of my favorite things about 2013 are these cuties that we are bringing home on February 16th....  I can't contain my excitement!  It will be tricky introducing them to our current brood of hooligans, but for some reason I feel so at peace with this decision.  I can't explain it, but it just feels right!  The reality is of course, that both Gabe (12) and Bronte (16) are ill (aged related illnesses) and I needed something other then depressing, heartbreaking vet visits to think about.  

I think these two furballs will be a wonderful addition to our home!  They are Traditional Doll Faced Persians, the girl is a Silver and the boy is a Cameo.  We are still thinking of names for both.... Cleopatra is at the top of the list for our girl, but we haven't thought of anything suitable for the boy yet.... Suggestions are welcome!

Here is a video, the litter is 4 weeks

Thanks for checking in!