Saturday, April 6

My Ralphie

When we went out on a little shopping date last weekend, we came home to find our Ralphie looking for snuggles! He is such a lovely kitten! As soon as you touch him he starts to purr, and he's like a little ragdoll in our arms... so adorable!

This is another kit from Studio Calico, I'm really working my way through them! I'd love to get to a point when the current month's kit is "killed" before the new kit arrives... that would be awesome (but unrealistic for me LOL)

Thanks for looking! Steph

Friday, April 5

Crop and Create: Moncton 2013 Part 2

Here are the pages I created during our Crop and Create weekend in March!  I can usually get 10+ pages done at a weekend regular weekend crop.... but this one was jam filled with seeing old friends, shopping, assisting in classes..... did I mention shopping? oh yeah, I did LOL  So 4 pages isn't bad considering ;)
It was my first crop where I didn't bring bags and bags of supplies.  There were 4 of us driving up together to Moncton so I knew I'd have to pack light.  I brought my essentials (cutter, scissors & adhesive) along with only 2 Studio Calico kits!  Such restraint!  (who cares if I brought back 2 bags of new goodies LOL)

This is my favorite photo (Non-selfie!) from our trip to Mexico in January.  Chichen Itza has always been on my bucket list since I studied Anthropology in university many years ago.

You can really tell how soaking wet we were in this photo!!!  It poured the entire time we were there!

Now this photo could potentially cause some controversy.  Honestly, as mentioned in the journaling, I still feel guilty about it.  We were visiting Playa Del Carmen for a few hours on our last night in Mexico and noticed this happy little Tiger playing on its back on the street!  Of course we stopped to get a look at the beautiful creature and when the owners said we could hold her I just said YES! without thinking it through.  You see, petting a tiger has always been on my Bucket list... It wasn't until after it was done that I started to think about the ethics of it all *sigh*

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Thursday, April 4

Crop and Create Moncton 2013!

If you ever have the chance to attend one of these amazing crops organized by Scrapbook & Cards Today.... DO IT!!!!  What an amazing experience!   I can't wait for the next one I'm able to attend :)

The lovely Nicole Nowasad joined us all the way from Winnipeg and it was so wonderful to see her again!  Love her!  After the crop, we took her on a little Shédiac/ Cap-Pelé sight seeing tour.... she had a mini bucket list to fulfill :)

Here are a few photos from the weekend, thanks for stopping by!


 In this photo Marie-Josee, Zoe, Marielle, Kristine, Tracy, Nicole and me

 Kristine, Nicole and I.... Miss these girls so much, wish we lived closer to one another!

  So excited to spend time with this cool girl Kelly Purkey!!  I was thrilled when asked to assist in both her classes on Saturday, they were so much fun!
 Here is Nicole at the big lobster in Shédiac!  LOL
 The Pointe du Chene Lighthouse in Shédiac
 And our last stop at my parents place in Cap-Pelé

Wednesday, April 3

Here Kitty Kitty...

One thing I love about my iPhone is that I always have it nearby and can take photos at any given moment. That wasn't always the case in the "olden days!".  My manual SLR was heavy and it had to be a special occasion to dig it out!

I grabbed this shot of Willibug one Sunday afternoon... he was sitting in a semi sunny spot in the living room and the lighting was just perfect. I rarely use a flash when taking photos of the cats, they just hate it and will have a tendency to blink automatically when I point my camera at them! ha!

Stashbusting 2013 is continuing on... this was the last bits of a Studio Calico kit (I don't remember which one). Lots of machine stitching, layers, My Minds Eye papers, Studio Calico feather veneers (which I'm addicted to using!) and a cut with my Silhouette (Files by Kerri Bradford).

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Tuesday, April 2

Introducing Ralphie and Roxy!

As I mentioned in previous posts, we've lost a number of cats in the last year.... All 5 were seniors, who suffered from various age related illnesses.  The vet said it was just a terrible fluke that everything happened in the same year. 

These 5 furkids were all adopted in the years 1997-2000 and had been my constant companions.  For many years before I moved in with Dave, it was just me and the cats.  They were my entire world then, and we had a wonderful bond. 

The loss has been great, and I'm obviously going to continue to process it in the months to come.  Taking it day by day and remembering all of our wonderful moments helps.  Scrapbooking is my main therapy, so I imagine you will continue to see many pages of my Hooligans. 

Part of my grieving process was to "look ahead" and start thinking about the possibility of adopting a kitten (or two).  Due to the strained dynamics in our house with the hooligans, I was never able to bring another cat into the mix.  So as I was dealing with caring for my Gabe with a brain tumor and Bronte with kidney failure late last year, I starting doing some research.  It began for fun, to keep my mind in a positive place, rather than dwell on the sadness I was feeling and the inevitable decisions I would be facing with both cats.

For a few months, I was strong and able to resist the kittens.... however that was mainly due to the fact many of these breeders lived in Ontario, or in the US.  It wasn't until I stumbled upon Yeux de Feu in Northern New Brunswick... that the possibility became real.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect, she has just posted the kittens, born November 24, 2012 and they were available for adoption on February 16th. 

A weak moment came upon me, and I sent her the deposit for one kitten...... and then once Dave and I started chatting about it the next day, and we figured it would be best to adopt two so they could keep each other company.  (yes, Dave Rocks, he knew I really needed this)

It was the BEST thing we could have done.  Meet Ralphie and Roxy.... They are Doll Faced Persians, Ralphie is a Cameo (pink nose) and Roxy is a Silver (black eyeliner and nose).  They are amazing little furballs and we are just smitten with them.  After one week of confinement in our rec room, they had free reign over the house and have adjusted beautifully, even with Dave's Willibug and Summer!  We are still amazed at how well the four of them get along!

They will never replace my 5 hooligans or lessen their loss, but boy, do they ever remind me that its worth it.


Monday, April 1

Scrapbook Pages update

There is nothing I find more irritating than someone who begins every blog post with an apology for not updating their blog.... (and yes, I've been guilty of this before!)  So I won't do that.  Life happens, and rather than use my blog as a means of processing as some do, I ignore it (my blog, not my issues LOL)   :)
I've been scrapbooking and working on my Project Life, here are a few things I worked in January/February.  You may notice a couple new kitty faces.....  These furballs are my world right now and I plan on introducing them properly with their own posting soon.
Happy Monday
PS: If you notice that many of these layouts are similar in embellies and color, its all part of my Stashbusting 2013 project... trying to use up my 2012 Studio Calico Kits!