Friday, April 5

Crop and Create: Moncton 2013 Part 2

Here are the pages I created during our Crop and Create weekend in March!  I can usually get 10+ pages done at a weekend regular weekend crop.... but this one was jam filled with seeing old friends, shopping, assisting in classes..... did I mention shopping? oh yeah, I did LOL  So 4 pages isn't bad considering ;)
It was my first crop where I didn't bring bags and bags of supplies.  There were 4 of us driving up together to Moncton so I knew I'd have to pack light.  I brought my essentials (cutter, scissors & adhesive) along with only 2 Studio Calico kits!  Such restraint!  (who cares if I brought back 2 bags of new goodies LOL)

This is my favorite photo (Non-selfie!) from our trip to Mexico in January.  Chichen Itza has always been on my bucket list since I studied Anthropology in university many years ago.

You can really tell how soaking wet we were in this photo!!!  It poured the entire time we were there!

Now this photo could potentially cause some controversy.  Honestly, as mentioned in the journaling, I still feel guilty about it.  We were visiting Playa Del Carmen for a few hours on our last night in Mexico and noticed this happy little Tiger playing on its back on the street!  Of course we stopped to get a look at the beautiful creature and when the owners said we could hold her I just said YES! without thinking it through.  You see, petting a tiger has always been on my Bucket list... It wasn't until after it was done that I started to think about the ethics of it all *sigh*

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