Friday, July 19

Scrapbook and Cards Today Guest Blogger

Hi Everyone!

I was thrilled when asked to guest blog for SCT this week, and the subject: Scrapbooking your pets! Perfect for me! I could have written a book, as many who know me are aware, I could talk your ear off when the subject of pets comes up :-) Here is the first layout I shared, and the link to the Blog post: All About Pets

And here is my second layout for the next blog post where I discuss taking pet photos:
Photographing your Pet

Friday, July 5

The Journey is everything

This was a tough layout. I love it.

I was missing Bronte one night, and decided to type up my feelings on my vintage cursive typewriter (love that thing)... but unlike typing on your computer, you can't undo mistake very easily! LOL I must have typed it out 3 times before I got it right.

I wanted it to be perfect, and I had this idea of a VERY clean layout in my mind. I often do this... to ease the chaos in my thoughts.  If  I don't have control of a situation, I find myself trying to find order in other areas of my life, like scrapbooking. So even though I LOVE a messy look, I tend to lean toward a cleaner look lately. Just a weird quirk of mine I guess ;-)

So this "clean" layout sat unfinished for a week.... taunting me.  I won't begin another project until I've finished the last one.  So finally, after a rough week, and a few tears, I decided to get this one done. Get it out of my system.

As you can see, the "clean" look went out the window and I finished it within the hour.  Watercolors are all the rage right now... and I love these Peerless Transparent watercolors

As far as layouts go, this isn't anything new, there are no "wonders of scrapbooking techniques or design" here... but the process was everything.  The process of journaling that paragraph a bazillion times, trying for a clean look by moving paper around for 2 hours.... then finally just letting it go and getting my hands full of paint a week later.  It was exactly what I needed.

Scrapbooking is so much more than just documenting photos.