Wednesday, October 30

Ralphie & Roxy: Cat Paint Video

I thought I'd try posting a short video of my cats playing "Cat Paint" on my iPad... Not sure if this will work, but it's only a short clip... fingers crossed!

This app is like crack to Ralphie and Roxy, every time they see my iPad in hand they come running, asking to play a "canvas" or two ;-)

 Here are a few of those "canvases" the kittens have created:

Lots of fun to be had with this app!  You will have a few good laughs at your cat trying to chase the mouse under your tablet, I know we sure did!   :-)



Jen April 20, 2014 at 3:45 PM  

Thanks for posting about his app as I too am a self proclaimed cat lady and my cat loves this app now! It is nice to see someone who scraps their kitty loves as much as I do :)