Wednesday, April 30

Cool Kid

This boy and his cat crack me up... they are like two peas in a pod! Lucky has the perfect personality for a rambunctious fella like Rohan!  

Rohan has very good cat manners; he is very gentle with Lucky and doesn't tease or annoy him intentionally.  All he wants is a snuggle, and even then he doesn't push too much.  However, he is still only 6 after all, and little boys can play LOUD!  When Lucky has had enough, he just goes upstairs to his quiet place to recharge.

This paper and embellies were all part of a past Studio Calico kit... and I have to admit, I love the concept, but I really struggled with this beautiful graphic design paper. 

Sometimes I think I'm just in a scrapbook rut, in that when something is outside of my wheelhouse I can't figure out which direction to take.  Sure, I got the layout done... but I feel like I haven't "wowed" myself in a long time.  You know that feeling when you are finished a layout and you can't wait to show someone else because you are just so thrilled with it?!  Yeah, I haven't really had that lately. 

I'm sure it will pass... I probably just need to find more time in my Scrapbook space and work out those creative blocks.

Thanks for stopping by!