Friday, August 28

Mixed Media Bunny

I'm a bit of an online art class junkie.  Seriously, I can't help myself!  I love watching art process videos, especially when using mediums, products or techniques I've never imagined or encountered before. 

Some of my favorite classes are given by Juliette Crane.  They always inspire me and she shares so much!  She really puts herself out there for her students.  

The last class I took from her was called How to Create Whimsical Animals and I just couldn't resist when she had her sale last month.

Here is one of my "Whimsical Bunnies" that I worked on as I was watching her videos.  I loved working with Shiva Oil sticks for some of  the background and the entire bunny was painted with my fingertips!

Also, using Bristol paper (as Juliette does) changed the game for me.  Since I don't feel the pressure of working on canvas, I am able to work through any nerves I may have when staring at the blank page.

I really enjoyed this process, I'm slowly learning how to let go and try things out... as Juliette teaches us, everything can be painted over if it doesn't work out!