Monday, September 14

Mixed Media Cat: A Video, a few Lessons Learned and lots of Ink!

You know that feeling that you get after you've made something, and you aren't really sure if it's any good or not?  You *kind of like* how it turned out, but then you take a step back and you end up hating it... and then loving it, and then back to hate.  So you turn your back to it for a few seconds, and then hope that the next time your eyes fall upon it, you'll be able to look at it objectively.  (which NEVER happens)

I'm not sure if I love this cat painting, or hate it.  All I know at this point is that I'm so happy I recorded it!  I can pinpoint the EXACT moment when I strayed from what I wanted to create.  I sat down with an idea in my head, of the "look" I was hoping for, and I went in a completely different direction at around the 5 minute mark in the video.  That's when I stopped liking it, but figured I'd just go with it.  Let go and enjoy getting messy. 

I'm still very new to creating Process Videos and uploading them on YouTube.  I love the idea of documenting my projects as I explore different ideas and figure out what technique, medium or products I prefer.  I love how recording my process helps me push forward and not over think my every action.  So refreshing!

I won't always love what I create, but I will always love each moment spent in the process!  Moving forward, exploring and having fun! 

Supplies used:
8x8 Canvas
Acrylic Paint by: Golden, Pebeo, Liquitex
Liquitex Modeling Paste
Liquitex Ink
Liquitex Matte Medium
Golden GAC 100
Colored Tissue Paper
Cray-Pas Oil Pastels
Misc Stencils
Bamboo Pen/stick