Wednesday, September 16

Scrapbook Layout: Family Fun with a Selfie Stick!

Like most families, when we gather together we are a flurry of non-stop stories, conversations and catching up.  Too many times I find myself on the road home, face palming because I forgot to strong arm them into a group photo!

So at the end of our last gathering for my Dad's birthday, I made sure we grabbed a quick informal photo with my selfie stick!  These often intrusive devices come in handy for family photos... no one is left out and no need to set up a tripod!  (It helps that my brother is super tall LOL)

Is it perfect?  Of course not!  But I love it!  We are all staring into the sun, blinding ourselves, Rohan even has his eyes shut tight... which I find so cute!  It adds character to the photo, and I love that we captured our fun weekend.

Does your family enjoy taking group photos?  Or do you have to bribe and coerce them like I do?