Wednesday, September 9

Twinkling H20s and a Process Video

It was just by chance that I was visiting my local Scrapbook Store a few weeks ago and stumbled upon these lovely watercolor paints.  How is it that I had never heard of them until now?  I'm so far behind, that I'm scrambling to purchase all their discontinued colors before they are no longer available!  (I had read somewhere there were issues with their 200+ colors and they are now only going to make 50 or so going forward - unconfirmed)

If you've never tried these paints, and you enjoy watercolors, then I recommend giving these a go!  I love the look of soft watercolor, but sometimes I just want my pieces to POP! and these really do the trick!  They are gorgeous, full of pigment and have a lovely iridescent quality to them... I'm hooked!

Here are a few of the kitties I've painted these past few weeks, and I also created a YouTube process Video using these yummy paints! (scroll to the bottom)