Monday, September 7

Watercolor + Cats

I have been absolutely enamoured with watercolours lately.  Well, perhaps a little obsessed would be a better description.

I've always loved the soft look and feel of watercolours, and after taking a few online classes that touched on the medium, I've been practicing up as storm!

My first class with Carla Sonheim was: Cats! Cats! Cats!

I have to admit, the class appealed to me due to the subject matter (naturally...), but the lessons and paradigm shift that I experienced after I watched the lessons and then completed all of the homework were incredible.

I've always been stuck in my own head when it came to painting/sketching/drawing and Carla's class really helped me figure out how to let go and work on my hand/eye coordination.

My big revelation: Your work will improve if you practice!!!  Not all artists are natural born talents that can whip something up in a heartbeat.  Most artists spend countless hours working in sketchbooks and finding their "style".

I'm not certain why this concept never occurred to me before, I'm just thankful I had my "lightbulb" moment and I've been working in my sketchbook non-stop ever since :-)

This class has been my starting point, and since I love the subject matter so much, I figured I would just continue on trying to figure out "my style".  I started trying create watercolor cats based on work from Surfing Sloth, and I think I'm starting to figure out what appeals to me.

Many artists have said that if you keep using colors, mediums and techniques that inspire you and make you happy, you will eventually find your own voice... it just takes time.