Wednesday, October 21

Twinkling H20 Process Video: Cat in the Valley

I love adding context/scenery to my kitty characters!  Here is a little Bengal kitty taking a stroll in a valley.  One day I'd love to draw a mini story/adventure, with a sequence of watercolor kitties.... but I need to learn how to draw different body poses for variation and interest.

I've been reading a book on perspective drawing this week, so hopefully this will get the ball rolling on that skill set.   

Here is the process video for my little spotted Bengal kitty... and you can see that I'm keeping it real!
I messed up when adding my ink, and I included my "fix" in the video. 

Making mistakes is all part of the learning curve, and for the first time in my life, I am embracing them.  The more mistakes I make along the way, the more interesting this adventure becomes for me and the more progress I make with my artwork.


*Supplies used: Twinkling H20s, Ink and Canson 140 Lbs watercolor paper

Monday, October 19

Guest Blogger: Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine

I'm so thrilled to be a guest blogger on the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine today! 

There are a couple of new Scrapbook layouts using some Echo Park and Studio Calico collections, and a bit about my new process video adventure.   Please pop over for a visit!


Thursday, October 15

Process Video: Twinkling H20s and Arches Watercolor Paper

I've been trying different types of watercolor paper to use with my Twinkling H20 paints, and I think I have found my favorite so far: Arches Cold Pressed 140lb 100% cotton.  I think it may still be a student grade paper, as it was the least expensive of the Arches papers (mind you, it was a pad of only 12 sheets!)

I was really interested in trying out something that is 100% cotton, and was curious to see how the Twinkling H20s react to it.  I was having "blooming" issues with my black Twink paint when using the Fabriano Hot press papers, and I thought perhaps it was a wonky reaction due to only being 25% cotton.

Here are the results, and I have to say I really enjoyed these papers! They were much rougher than I expected, but I didn't mind it... It's not like my work has super fine details that would be hindered by the texture :-)  I loved how the paint dried without pooling too much, as I tend to be heavy handed with the water. 

Here's a quick process video, hope you enjoy!

Sunday, October 11

Mixed Media: Funky Feathered Owl YouTube Process Video

This feathered friend was such fun to make!  I struggled a bit with the background, but all in all I am pleased with how it turned out.

I bought some new supplies last week and wanted to give them a try, however I think I need to spend some time using them on a Bristol paper piece before using them on a canvas again.

The Golden Fluid Acrylic paints were lovely, but I need to get to know their properties and how best to use them.  I have a few more colors on their way to me next week, so I will be sure to spend some time playing once they arrive.

The oil paint sticks were a bit tricky, and not at all what I expected.  I think they would have done better on a smoother surface to begin with, rather than my textured star background... but again, I need to play and get to know their properties.  I forgot to prepare them before recording the video, so my apologies for the struggle captured when I was trying to remove the "skin" before using it! LOL

I used a ton of ink on this fella, I just can't seem to help it these days!  I love the messy, inky, scribbled look!  Going between the bamboo and glass pens really gave me a variety in line definition, and I had so much fun!

Here is the process video, hope you enjoy it!

Supplies used:
8x8 Gesso Canvas
Misc Paint brushes
Foam (recycled electronic packaging, instead of foam brushes)
Liquitex Black Carbon Ink
Bubble wrap
Misc Stencils
Gallery Oil Pastels
Windsor Newton OilBar (White)
Maya Mist (Lime Metallic)
Mr Huey (Banana Stand)
Stazon Ink
Tim Holtz Rubber Stamps

Glass Pen Handmade by

Saturday, October 10

Tuxedo Kitty Watercolor - Twinkling H20

Some days you just need to get it down on paper.  No thought about your end result, just pick up that pencil, pen, paint or whatever you need to express yourself. 

I've been trying to sketch or paint something every day.  It isn't always easy to squeeze in, and some nights I'm scrambling during the last few minutes before bed to put a doodle to paper. 

However these quick drawings feel wonderful, even if the sketch is crap.  (and many of them ARE crap!)  This aspect of practicing my creativity surprised me; these bedtime sketches calm my mind, sate that need to "make something" and helps me improve every day! 

A concept so simple, and so obvious!  I know it sounds so corny, but I feel like this is such a lovely new chapter of my creative self.