Thursday, October 15

Process Video: Twinkling H20s and Arches Watercolor Paper

I've been trying different types of watercolor paper to use with my Twinkling H20 paints, and I think I have found my favorite so far: Arches Cold Pressed 140lb 100% cotton.  I think it may still be a student grade paper, as it was the least expensive of the Arches papers (mind you, it was a pad of only 12 sheets!)

I was really interested in trying out something that is 100% cotton, and was curious to see how the Twinkling H20s react to it.  I was having "blooming" issues with my black Twink paint when using the Fabriano Hot press papers, and I thought perhaps it was a wonky reaction due to only being 25% cotton.

Here are the results, and I have to say I really enjoyed these papers! They were much rougher than I expected, but I didn't mind it... It's not like my work has super fine details that would be hindered by the texture :-)  I loved how the paint dried without pooling too much, as I tend to be heavy handed with the water. 

Here's a quick process video, hope you enjoy!