Saturday, October 10

Tuxedo Kitty Watercolor - Twinkling H20

Some days you just need to get it down on paper.  No thought about your end result, just pick up that pencil, pen, paint or whatever you need to express yourself. 

I've been trying to sketch or paint something every day.  It isn't always easy to squeeze in, and some nights I'm scrambling during the last few minutes before bed to put a doodle to paper. 

However these quick drawings feel wonderful, even if the sketch is crap.  (and many of them ARE crap!)  This aspect of practicing my creativity surprised me; these bedtime sketches calm my mind, sate that need to "make something" and helps me improve every day! 

A concept so simple, and so obvious!  I know it sounds so corny, but I feel like this is such a lovely new chapter of my creative self.