Monday, November 16

BlueBelle the Bird!: Mixed Media Process Video

3 weeks.  That's all it takes for me to be out of practice.  I need to remember this, to help me stay focused and maintain my motivation!  Life just got busy this fall and I spent more time in Photoshop then creating and getting messy.  I must remember to find that balance!

I'm not sure how to explain it, but my spirit feels so much better, sated even, when I find the time to create something.  My mind is always thinking of things to do next, things to create, that if I don't try and make one of these ideas a reality every now and again, I feel antsy. 

Here is my latest mixed media piece, BlueBelle the Bird.... she just makes me giggle!  I love this cartoony style, and I hope to make a few more characters (non bird like) with the same googly eyes soon!

Here is the process video, and the Original painting is for sale in my shop!  Thanks so much for visiting!

Products used:

8x10 wooden board canvas
(I covered it in Black Gesso before the video)

Misc Acrylic Paints
Liquitex Matt Medium
Sharpie White Paint pen (fine point, water based)

Hard Foam Stamps
(handmade with kids craft items at Dollarama... feels like mini pool noodles!)

(recycled electronic packaging, instead of foam brushes)

Misc Stencils
Bamboo Pen
Glass Pen (Gypsy Road)
Stabilo Pencil
Bubble Wrap
Spectra Art Tissue Paper
7Gypsys Tissue Paper