Tuesday, November 17

Château Frontenac: Scrapbook Layout

Last month Dave and I drove up to Québec city for my Birthday and stayed at the Château Frontenac.  What a treat to celebrate my 41st in a castle!

One of my oldest and dearest friends lives in the city, so it was lovely to visit with her and her husband and their 3 cats.  Guylaine and I went through our teen years together,  and she's been there for all the heartbreak and triumphs that the age entails.  The history that we have is palpable.... and when I go too long without speaking to her, the disconnect doesn't sit well within me. 

Spending time with loved ones who accept you, with all your flaws is good for the soul.  I find that as an adult, I spend so much of my time explaining my behavior, and trying to ensure that I'm doing right by so many people, friends, family and coworkers. 

Some days, you just need to chill with the gal that has stayed up so many nights dreaming with you about how our lives would be like when we were old enough to be on our own... she knows your intentions, she knows your heart.   And in turn, you know hers and love her all the more for it.