Monday, November 30

Flower Kitty: Gouache Process Video

Here's another new media for me: Gouache paint!  It's essentially an opaque watercolor, and there are some pretty amazing colors out there!  I picked up a cheap set of 12 at Winners, and splurged on my one tube of Windsor Newton Opera Pink.  This one tiny tube of pink cost  more then the entire color set from Winners, but I couldn't resist.  It's such a beautiful pink!

What I love about gouache is that it reacts to water, but has more coverage like an acrylic paint.  It's a change from a transparent watercolor palette, and I like having the variety in my studio depending on my mood. (although I think I'll stick to my cheapo paints for now, I'm not ready to invest in better quality paints just yet)

I recorded a process video since it was my first kick at the can, hope you enjoy!