Friday, November 20

Luna the Bunny: Mixed Media Process Video

I was reluctant to even post this video, because you see... Luna the Bunny doesn't exist anymore.  The day after filming, I just couldn't get over how her ears weren't right.  She just wasn't what I had intended, and the following day I covered her in black gesso.  Do I regret it?  Maybe a little bit, because in hindsight, she is cute in her own way I suppose.

The biggest surprise and the most wonderfully unexpected result of filming my creative process, is seeing where I went wrong (for me... as there is no right or wrong way to create!).  After editing the video, I re watched it, and I could almost pinpoint EXACTLY when I overworked the piece and turned it into something I didn't like anymore.

This is such a wonderful learning opportunity, and if I hadn't recorded the process, I would never have figured out: STOP IT WITH THE INK ALREADY!

There, I got it out of my system and put it out there... now only if I can remember this the next time I get messy and play in the studio :-)

Here is the process video, hope you enjoy it!

Products Used:

8x10 wooden board canvas
(I covered it in Black Gesso before the video)

Misc Acrylic Paints
Liquitex Matt Medium
Sharpie White Paint pen (fine point, water based)
Liquitex Modeling Paste

Hard Foam Stamps
(handmade with kids craft items at Dollarama... feels like mini pool noodles!)

(recycled electronic packaging, instead of foam brushes)

Misc Stencils
Bamboo Pen
Glass Pen (Gypsy Road)
Stabilo Pencil
Bubble Wrap
Spectra Art Tissue Paper