Wednesday, November 18

Meow: Scrapbook Layout

These four furry critters crack me up!  I often feel like I'm part of a never-ending Conga line, and I love it!  Sure they are underfoot, and I have to watch out that that I don't trip over them, but having  their company in the house is so lovely.

All four cats are VERY different from each other, and they all show affection and cuddle in different ways.  However, they are all so social they can't help but follow me around the house even if it's just to the washroom and back!

I scrapbooked this favorite photo with a lovely collection by Studio Calico's Seven Paper.  I think it is hands down, my favorite release of 2015.  I love that it's all about cats/dogs and in a pastel palette!  Often pet lines are in browns and oranges and I just find those colors difficult to work with as I'm still on my "bright" kick.

And the kitty wood veneers?!?  I may have ordered about 10 packs of those, I never want to run out!

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pam November 18, 2015 at 4:15 PM  

I hear you !! I carry that line in my shop and I ordered 50 packs of each ... mostly because I was pretty sure I would want to hoard them ... lol.
Great layout !!