Sunday, November 22

Studio Calico Color Theory Ink: Process Video

The Studio Calico Color Theory Ink refills have been on my wish list for quite some time, and I finally managed to snag the collection during a sale last month! I had seen how others have used it on their scrapbook layouts instead of traditional watercolor washes, and wondered how they would fare if I used them for one of my cat watercolor sketches.

Whenever I want to test anything new, I always go to my default project: Cat sketching!  I just can't help myself, and I've decided not to fight it.... it's what appeals to me, so why not!?

Similar to watercolors, the color vibrancy for the inks vary depending on how much water you add to the ink drops.  Also, the working time is also very limited with these inks,  you can't linger or over think anything.  

I struggled a bit at first with the limited working time (in the video, you can see what happens when I'm adding color to the grey kitty's forehead), however it didn't take me long to gauge how fast I had to work.  Although, I do need to be a bit more careful when I'm working that fast as things tend to splatter around if I don't pay attention.  That's a Stephanie problem though, no fault of the ink ;-)

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