Thursday, December 3

Bandit the Dog Twinkling H20: Process Video

OK. Full disclaimer.  I love dogs.  I know, I know... my website and everything that I post here is usually all about cats.  I understand your confusion.

Growing up, my Dad and Sister were allergic to cats, so we were never able to adopt any sweet kittens (no matter how many times my sister tried to sneak the neighbours cats into the house and hide them in her toy box. True story.)

So we always had dogs (and a cockatiel, 4 turtles, 3 hamsters, 2 salamanders)  My entire childhood can be time lined by the dogs that were part of the memories, which is really quite lovely.  Sox, Trousers, Elizabeth, Dino, Daisy and Michaela.

Here is my very first attempt at sketching and painting a dog.  I see so many things I don't like about it, however I am so happy that it actually LOOKS like a dog and not a cat!  Earlier last week, I tried a mixed media Fox, and it turned into cat instead! (I'll post about that in a few days).

Here's the process video, using Twinkling H20s.  Hope you enjoy!