Wednesday, December 16

Cards - TAWS Bird brain

I love the idea of making cards.  I can spend hours watching YouTube videos about making cards, and drooling over online card galleries.  I even have my own Pinterest board to ensure inspiration is at my fingertips!  I've even taken a Copics coloring online class to justify all of those yummy markers I have in my stash.  All of this, and I just can't seem to get the hang of it! 

Every single time I sit down to make a card, I draw a blank.  I don't know if it's the smaller canvas that intimidates me, or that my coloring doesn't ever look as nice as I would like it to look.  I'm not certain, but the creative struggle is real.  <grin>

However, it's that time of year when I attempt my hand at making a stash of cards for my Mom using my leftover scraps.  I dug out my stamps, markers and card stock and had a bit of fun last weekend.

This is my favorite card so far, mainly because of the cute little bird.  The stamps are by The Alley Way Stamps and the set is called "Bird Brain".

Am I the only one who struggles this much with cards?  Give me a 20x24 blank canvas and I don't even blink... but these tiny cards just mess with my head!  LOL

Hope you're all having a great week