Saturday, October 8

Scrapbook & Cards Today Cover Fall 2016

A couple of months ago the lovely Megan (SCT Editor) contacted me to see if I was interested in submitting a layout for the cover of the Fall Issue.  Imagine my surprise when my layout was chosen!

There really aren't any words to describe how this experience makes me feel.  Well, maybe a few... shocked, happy and oh so excited!  My heart still skips a beat when I see this issue of SCT on Social Media, or on display at my local LSS. 

To download/view your free copy Click HERE, to subscribe and get the paper copy Click HERE!

Friday, September 16

Mixed Media Painting: The Cat of Many Faces

Here is my latest mixed media painting: The Cat of Many Faces (or a Bajillion faces to be exact!)

Last winter I bought a floor easel so I could work comfortably in my studio with larger canvas pieces.  I set the easel up, and plopped a 24x36 canvas on it.... and left it like that for months.  Seriously.  Months!

One night before going to bed, I decided I was tired of looking at a blank canvas and quickly spread some paint on it.  Fifteen minutes later, after making a bit of a mess, I immediately felt better and went to bed.  At least I wouldn't be staring at a blank canvas anymore!

However, I couldn't decide if I should continue and use it as my underpainting, or leave it as is (I kind of liked the abstract look it had, but knew it needed more work (since I know absolutely nothing of abstract art).

Last month I finally decided to just go with it and have some fun.  I painted, and repainted a cat face on this canvas so many times, I lost count.  I'm not sure why I struggled so much, it isn't a very complicated piece... pretty basic cat cartoony face LOL  I just was never happy with it until now!

He is finished, with top coat and wax coat, ready to hang.... let's just hope it doesn't take me another year to get it up on the wall. ha!
Here are a few of the process shots from the last month and a quick video of the shading I did at the very end

Saturday, August 20

Orange Kitties

A few months ago I decide to build and maintain an online art gallery to post my mixed media and watercolor paintings.  I wanted something simple and easy to use, so that with one click, someone interested in seeing my work could view it all (instead of sifting through Blog tags etc.).

I stumbled upon Weebly, and was able to put something together quite easily once I got the hang of formatting the template that I chose.  And it was free, so that was a bonus ;-)

I now scan and upload my art to Weebly as part of my weekly routine and I love the idea of having a chronological view of my creative journey! I've only been painting for a few years now (and watercolor for just over a year), so it's encouraging when you can see obvious improvement.

One of the unexpected results of having this one click view, is seeing "my style" come to life.  In a digital world where we are influenced by other artists and creative folks everyday, it's often difficult to find your own voice.  Through consistent and every practice though, I am finally seeing it evolve and it makes me so happy. 

Last week, when uploading my art, I noticed something that made my heart ache for a moment: lots of orange kitties.  I never realized I favored painting them until now, but it makes sense as my very first cat was an orange tabby named Seymour.  He and my beautiful calico Bronte were inseparable, they were always found snuggling in various cat beds around the house. 

Grief is a pain in the ass.  It grabs hold of your heart and squeezes it without warning, even after all these years.  My cat art helps me remember these beautiful souls, and I'm so grateful I discovered it... even if my gallery is full of orange kitties.


Friday, June 17

Cool Cat: Scrapbook & Cards Today Publication

I'm so excited to have another layout in the Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine!  Ralphie's in the spotlight for this one, I just couldn't resist submitting this hilarious photo of our 'Cool Cat'!  He really is such a good sport! 

The layout came together quite quickly once I tracked down a few different sized punches at the Moncton Crop & Create!  I think that's what I love the most about crops, everyone is always willing to share their tools and supplies!

Download your copy of this wonderful publication HERE, and check out Ralphie on Pg 71!

PS: For the record, the glasses are from one of my Blythe doll's outfits!

Thursday, May 26

Catnip Crazy: Scrapbook Layout

Oh yes.  Catnip.  This stuff is very popular in our house!  Of all the 6 cats,  Athena is the most affected by the herb, she just goes BONKERS!!  I think it's adorable that my most subdued, well behaved, dainty little girl goes all "Spring Break Crazy" as soon as she gets a whiff of the stuff.

Earlier this year I received a care package from Joanne, one of my favorite online scrapbooking friends!  Joanne's a cat lover (and dog and turtle lover too!), so of course there was a cute gift for the kitties!  Athena claimed the catnip toys almost immediately, Here is proof!

This scrapbook layout was created using one of my last Studio Calico kits: Fairground and one of my favorite cut files from the JustNick cutfile shop!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 14

Herding Cats: Scrapbook Layout

Ahhh yes, the art of herding cats.  I am all too familiar with this term, and it couldn't be more true with these fuzz butts!

No matter how hard I try to get them all together for a nice photo, they just can't seem to focus on me for even one second while I try and take their picture!

And let's not even THINK about getting all six together, as that will never happen with the dynamics between Summer and the younger ones... she just doesn't like them, and never will (her nickname is Mrs Bitchypants for a reason... typical Tortie LOL)

The layout was created using Studio Calico's Lollipop Kit and some Studio calico alpha rubons I had in my stash.

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Monday, April 4

Mixed Media Cat Trio: Process Video

This painting was so much fun to make!  It was just more of an exercise on Bristol Paper, but I love how it turned out!  I'd like to explore simple backgrounds a bit more, bringing my subject in as the focus and see where that takes me.

Here is the process video if you're interested!
Music by Minnutes (used with permission)

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Friday, April 1

Charity Cats and Artist Insecurities: Watercolor Process Video

I don't know about you, but sometimes my insecurities regarding the art I make can be very annoying.  It gets in the way of so much that I want to do, and by George, 2016 is my year for kicking that shit those negative thoughts to the curb.

I'm tired of feeling like what I make isn't worthy of appreciation, or admiration.  As artists, why do we let those negative voices in our head take over?  The ability to create something beautiful and bright from a blank piece of paper should be enough to feel confident!  It may not suit every one's tastes, and that's OK.  All art is beautiful to someone in the world, especially if it comes from the heart.

I strayed a bit with where I wanted to take this blog post, but I just had to get it out there.  We all have insecurities about the work we create.  Some of it can help us grow as artists, but we can't live in that headspace, or it will hinder the entire creative process.   I need to get better at getting past it and continue to make things that I love.  Bright colors, crazy cats and messy splatters all the way!

Over the last few months, I had been thinking about contacting a few of the local animal shelters here in Nova Scotia about donating art prints and original watercolors.  Most of them have monthly Facebook auctions to raise funds, but was always hesitant and doubtful that they would be well received.  See?  Stupid insecurities are like the devil on my back.

Last month, I contacted two of the shelters and was met with a lovely and excited response!!  One of my art prints auctioned at almost double the retail amount and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  (I in turn contacted the winning bid and will be sending them an original 5x7 as well!)

Here is my first original watercolor that will be auctioned off at the end of the month for H.A.R.T (Homeless Animal Rescue Team)  Please visit their Facebook page for more information on the wonderful work they do!

This piece was created with the yummy QoR & Gansai Tambi watercolors. 

QoR Kitty: A Watercolor Kitty Warm up Process Video

A few weeks ago, a lovely friend sent me a set of Golden's QoR Watercolors, and I knew I had to get messy and test them out! 

When I sat down at my desk, I knew I had to just go for it.  There was no room for doubt or hesitation to get in the way.  I hadn't picked up a paint brush for months and I knew I needed to loosen up and get messy to break out of my rut... and this is what happened.

She's not the prettiest of kitties, but she was SO FUN to make!!  These QoR watercolors are so dreamy and bright, I need to buy more!

Here is my quick process video... you can even tell with the poor resolution that these watercolors stand out and make you take notice!  That teal.... *sigh*... so lovely!

Monday, March 21

Better Together: Scrapbook Layout and Process Video

I've been on a bit of a creative hiatus these past few months, and this is my first scrapbook layout of 2016!  I've had this photo printed since the fall, but I just hadn't gotten around to pulling my supplies out for ages. 

Do you ever feel like you just need to reset?  Go back to 0, and declutter your mojo?  That is how I'd been feeling lately, a bit overwhelmed; and it was interfering with my ability to create.  So I just stopped trying for a little while to see what happened. 

I knew my desire to create would come back to me, it always does.  I just didn't want to be caught up in all the expectations that surround us in the virtual world re: Instagram, Pinterest etc.  They say that comparison is the thief of joy, and this rang true for me.  There is a fine line between inspiration and inundation, and I found myself spending more time online than actually being creative myself!

This weekend, for the first time in months, I wanted to sit at my desk and make something.  And two watercolor paintings, a mixed media painting and a scrapbook layout later, I feel like I just woke up from a long winter's nap.  I've stretched a bit, and now I'm ready to get back into the groove.

Don't be scared to give yourself the space your mojo needs, it happens to us all.

Here is the process video for my scrapbook layout using Studio Calico's Goldie Collection
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Tuesday, January 12

Rohan Grade 3: Scrapbook Layout

Are you as shocked as I am?  A non-cat layout!  Yay!  My sister gave me this photo of my nephew Rohan, and I knew it would be just perfect for this AC Amy Tangerine collection

A bit of layering, hand cut title, sewing, stamped journaling, and a few cute diecuts make for a fun and colorful layout.  I sometimes struggle with collections that have navy blue/masculine themes, but this collection is lovely!  It has a darker blue, but complimentary lighter colors that help me feel inspired. 

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Monday, January 4

He's So Fluffy! Scrapbook Layout

Ralphie is an adorable boy.  So sweet and lovely... until you try and take a comb or brush to him!  He turns into a wiggle boy with a bit of a roar when I brush near his hind quarters/belly!  (and of course, this is where he gets matted the most)  He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, so it's really just all for show LOL 

I'm continuing my Amy Tangerine Sketchbook stashbusting as you can see... I'm getting down to just a few pieces of paper!  Yay!  I probably have enough for one or two more layouts and then I'll call it officially busted!

Happy New Year!