Friday, April 1

QoR Kitty: A Watercolor Kitty Warm up Process Video

A few weeks ago, a lovely friend sent me a set of Golden's QoR Watercolors, and I knew I had to get messy and test them out! 

When I sat down at my desk, I knew I had to just go for it.  There was no room for doubt or hesitation to get in the way.  I hadn't picked up a paint brush for months and I knew I needed to loosen up and get messy to break out of my rut... and this is what happened.

She's not the prettiest of kitties, but she was SO FUN to make!!  These QoR watercolors are so dreamy and bright, I need to buy more!

Here is my quick process video... you can even tell with the poor resolution that these watercolors stand out and make you take notice!  That teal.... *sigh*... so lovely!