Saturday, August 20

Orange Kitties

A few months ago I decide to build and maintain an online art gallery to post my mixed media and watercolor paintings.  I wanted something simple and easy to use, so that with one click, someone interested in seeing my work could view it all (instead of sifting through Blog tags etc.).

I stumbled upon Weebly, and was able to put something together quite easily once I got the hang of formatting the template that I chose.  And it was free, so that was a bonus ;-)

I now scan and upload my art to Weebly as part of my weekly routine and I love the idea of having a chronological view of my creative journey! I've only been painting for a few years now (and watercolor for just over a year), so it's encouraging when you can see obvious improvement.

One of the unexpected results of having this one click view, is seeing "my style" come to life.  In a digital world where we are influenced by other artists and creative folks everyday, it's often difficult to find your own voice.  Through consistent and every practice though, I am finally seeing it evolve and it makes me so happy. 

Last week, when uploading my art, I noticed something that made my heart ache for a moment: lots of orange kitties.  I never realized I favored painting them until now, but it makes sense as my very first cat was an orange tabby named Seymour.  He and my beautiful calico Bronte were inseparable, they were always found snuggling in various cat beds around the house. 

Grief is a pain in the ass.  It grabs hold of your heart and squeezes it without warning, even after all these years.  My cat art helps me remember these beautiful souls, and I'm so grateful I discovered it... even if my gallery is full of orange kitties.