Thursday, January 12

Watercolor + Fineliner: My New Fav!

One of the latest tools I've been using to outline my paintings is a Fineliner filled with Golden Fluid Acrylics.  It's not quite as messy and unpredictable as using my ink+bamboo pen, so depending on my mood, it's a great alternative!

It can still give me an imperfect look though if I outline quickly (and I prefer this).  I get nervous when I'm about to outline something, mainly because it's the last step in my process, and I can wreck something completely if I'm not paying attention.  There have been a few pieces scrapped after an outline gone awry!

The Fineliner gives me a bit more control, and I really like the look.  Since I'm using acrylic paint, it always has a different (and raised) texture against my watercolor paint, and that can be a nice detail depending on the look you're going for.