Thursday, January 19

Winston: I like what I like...

It doesn't matter what kind of media I keep trying.... my love for all things watercolor always wins. I dabbled into oil painting this week, and although I LOVE the texture, I'm still not convinced it's something I want to continue with going forward.  (I'll have photos up on the blog in a couple of months once the paintings I created dry... hello impasto addict! LOL)

Watercolor is just so immediate.  I also love how unpredictable it can be when you paint like I do: messy.  It's just my thing... and one of these days I may stop trying to find the next new media for me and just accept that I "like what I like" and there isn't anything wrong with that ;-)

Meet Winston... all black and white tuxedo kitties I paint are named Winston.  Named after a friends kitty, who was the most lovable, butt slap lovin' fella.  He is missed.