Thursday, August 30

Here's a painting I'm currently working on... I think it may be the largest one yet at 48x30. It's been on my easel for a month now, while I try and figure out where to go next.

The color combo feels right, but I need to block a bit out so it isn't so busy. Trouble is, I love so many sections of the painting (see the close up photos), I can't decide what to get rid of! Ha!

I'm sure it will sit for a bit longer, and then in a passing moment without thought I'll finish it.... seems to be the way of things re: my process.

Here are a few close up photos:

Thursday, August 23

Let's dust things off a bit here with a few scrapbook layouts

It's been over a year since I've blogged.   I don't think it's unusual though, many of my favorite blogs have gone silent... Social media is changing things up, and blogging just isn't the current format to share anymore!

Figured I'd post a few photos and at least have ONE 2018 post under my belt... who knows, it may become a habit ;-)